Why & How Sales Teams Should Use Video to Close More Deals

Drift Conversational Marketing Book

Editor’s Note: The following is adapted from Chapter 12: How Sales Teams Can Create a Better Buying Experience with Real-Time Conversations from the book Conversational Marketing: How the World’s Fastest Growing Companies Use Chatbots to Generate Leads 24/7/365 (and How You Can Too). This book, written by Drift CEO, David Cancel, and VP of Marketing, Dave […]
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The Making of a Super CRO: How This Business Increased Sales Opportunities by 566% in 30 Days with Conversational Marketing

increase sales ops with conversational marketing

Editor’s Note: The following is a guest post from Drift Partner SellPersonal. Interested in contributing content to the Drift blog? Email Gail Axelrod at gaxelrod@drift.com. A newly appointed CRO recently came to me with the problem of replacing an antiquated sales and marketing process that had helped build a $30 million dollar revenue business. But the […]
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The Ultimate Conversational Marketing Playbook: What You Need to Know About the New Way Customers Buy

Ultimate Conversational Marketing Playbook

Conversational marketing isn’t about you. It’s about your buyers. It’s a new way of thinking because it’s focused on the buyer’s goals not your company’s goals. It’s the fastest way to move buyers through your marketing and sales funnels through the power of real-time conversations But in the last couple decades, the buying process has […]
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