Introducing Drift + Sigstr – Start Hundreds Of Real-Time Conversations From A Marketing Channel You’ve Never Thought About

By Drift


Here’s a crazy stat you might not have heard before:

Today’s office employee sends between 10,000 and 20,000 emails per year.

For a 100 person company that’s 1 to 2 million emails per year.

Think about how much money you’d spend on AdWords to get that number of impressions – at least tens of thousands of dollars.

That’s why the Sigstr platform helps your business turn every email you send into a targeted marketing message.

And today we’re excited to announce our integration with Drift, so customers can start real-time conversations right from their email signatures.

Here’s how to use it.

1.  Target Your ABM Accounts For Real-time Conversations With Your Account Executives

Some of our biggest customers are focused on how to convert their Tier 1 ABM accounts into conversations with their sales team.

They spend a ton of time trying a ton of different ways to connect those ABM accounts and their sales team (and typically a ton of money!).

But one channel they probably didn’t explore is their sales team’s email signatures.

Almost every ABM campaign includes sales reps emailing their accounts. Using Drift +  , you can manage your rep’s email signatures so they always lead to a real-time conversation.

For example:


2. Target Open Opportunities To Move Deals To The Finish Line

Once your team is actively working a deal, delivering content relevant to their stage in the buyer’s journey and having instant, real-time conversations will undoubtedly speed up your deals.

For example: When an account with an opportunity has completed a demo, a workflow is triggered that changes all campaigns that go to their account to a conversational landing page with a use-case guide. And of course it also creates a fastlane for them to talk to their account executive in a real-time conversation.


3. Promote New Content To Your MQLs

When your marketing team has produced new content and you’re ready to share it with your MQLs, what do you do?

You probably send them an email, right?

But your sales team is already emailing your MQLs. So here’s a great way to create a multi-channel campaign with your new content: put it in an email signature.

And then when someone clicks to read the content, they can engage with their sales rep in a real-time conversation right from where they are reading your content.

How It Works

Drift + Sigstr Works With Outlook & Gmail

Sigstr works with both Gmail and Outlook inboxes.

While only a little over 10% of all email goes through Outlook and, it represents an overwhelming share of email activity in the enterprise. Now our shared customers can start Drift conversations in every email that’s sent through Outlook.

Customizable “Chat With Me” Or “Chat With Us” Button

We’ve built a new section in Sigstr’s signature builder that allows specific users with Drift accounts to include a “Chat With Me” or a “Chat With Us” button in every email they send.

With Sigstr, campaigns are dynamic and always changing depending on who’s opening the email. So with the “Chat With Us” button, you can provide a conversational opportunity with every email while still letting your marketing team promote the most relevant content in the campaigns.


In fact, this is exactly how our friends at Lessonly are using Drift + Sigstr. Their CMO, Kyle Lacy, had this to say about the integration:

I’m a huge fan of this integration. We’re never going to stop emailing, but sometimes you just want to get the conversation going in real time. Sigstr lets us target who we want to chat with and moves the conversation from email to Drift instantly.

Click & CQL Analytics

Yes, of course, you can get performance analytics with this integration as well. So you’ll be able to understand how many chats and CQLs you’ve generated through your email signatures. We had one customer generate 31 conversations and 10 CQLs in just one week using this integration!

Get Started With Drift + Sigstr Now

This integration is available to joint customers now! Are you a Sigstr customer looking to create conversations with Drift? They’re waiting for you right here. Or a Drift customer who wants to move conversations from Email to Chat? Ask Sigstr how to get started here.