5 Ways to Solve the Trillion-Dollar Marketing & Sales Feud

This Is the Playbook Drift Uses to Align Marketing & Sales, Build Pipeline, and Drive Revenue

About This Book

Misalignment between marketing and sales isn’t just costing you sleepless nights. It’s a trillion-dollar problem.

If that price tag doesn’t get you thinking, then consider this 👇

Historically, marketing is responsible for leads while sales handles revenue. With these teams working towards two separate goals, companies end up with a disjointed buying experience. And, when marketing and sales do come together, they inevitably argue over how the company should be investing in revenue.

Clearly, your buying experience would be so much better for your team (and your customers) if marketing and sales were on the same page. So, the million-dollar question (or better yet, “trillion-dollar question”) is: How do you get your marketing and sales teams aligned?

What's Inside

In this book, we’re going to introduce you to the tactics Drift uses to better align our marketing and sales teams. These are strategies we stand by. We use them to maximize brand awareness, accelerate revenue, and strengthen relationships with our customers.

We’ll cover:

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Misalignment Is Costing You — Big Time

No more sleepless nights or money left on the table. Drift's GTM leaders are here to share the alignment solutions and strategies they swear by.