Revenue Talks with Katie Foote & Justin Keller: Introducing Drift’s Newest Podcast

By Elizabeth Hilfrank
revenue talks podcast

They say money talks, but what if it really did? What would your company’s revenue say about the work you’re doing to accelerate revenue for your business?

Now I’m no revenue whisperer, but I’d bet it would say something along the lines of, “Please don’t sell in siloes!”

Because winning in today’s market requires reps to stop selling with blinders on. But it’s not just reps. Revenue is everyone’s business now — and that means all go-to-market teams must be aligned.

That’s easier said than done, which is why the latest addition to the Drift Podcast Network is your new go-to resource for all things revenue.

Introducing Revenue Talks with Katie Foote and Justin Keller

The TL;DR:

  • Who the hosts are: Drift’s CMO, Katie Foote, and VP of Revenue Marketing, Justin Keller.
  • What you can expect: Katie and Justin sit down with marketing, sales, and customer success leaders to get in the weeds of what it takes to accelerate revenue for businesses today. But this isn’t just fluffy high-level conversation. Katie and Justin go deep with their guests to discover some of the biggest problems these leaders have faced and how they’ve solved them. Think of it as your go-to resource for cross-functional alignment and organizational efficiency.
  • Where you can listen: Anywhere you listen to podcasts — subscribe on Apple, Spotify, or YouTube, and listen on your desktop right here.
  • When new episodes air: Every other Monday.
  • Why we made it: Revenue acceleration is a hot topic right now, but the way a lot of companies approach it is broken. It’s not the responsibility of just sales, just marketing, or just service. It’s the responsibility of all go-to-market functions to work together to pull the revenue-generating rope in the same direction. When we looked around for a resource on how to do this, we couldn’t find anything. So, we made our own.

What can you expect to learn on the episodes? Let me give you a sneak peek 👀

Episode 1: Demystify AI (Ingrid Burton, Former CMO, Quantcast)

Today’s pilot episode features former Quantcast CMO and AI expert, Ingrid Burton. Ingrid has a long history of working with data going back to her pre-marketing career as a software engineer. In this episode, Ingrid and Katie talk about the reality of AI in marketing, what a cookieless future looks like for B2B, and how companies should use data to personalize their customer experiences. This is my favorite moment 👇

Episode 2: Right People, Right Accounts, Right Time (Kyle Coleman, GLOBAL VP, Growth and Enablement, Clari)

In two weeks, you’ll hear from Kyle Coleman, the Vice President of Revenue Growth and Enablement at Clari. In the episode, he and Justin focus on what it means to increase buyer efficiency. Here’s my favorite moment 👇

Episode 3: Back to the Basics (Allison Carroll, SVP of Customer Success, Avalara)

Rounding out the show’s go-to-market trifecta is Allison Carroll, Avalara’s Senior Vice President of Customer Success. In the episode, Allison draws out Avalara’s newest model for customer journeys. Take a look 👇

Rinse and repeat.

Every other Monday, you’ll hear from marketing, sales, and customer success leaders, and at the end of every episode, you’ll hear the #1 thing their team is focused on to accelerate revenue this year.

Operating in siloes isn’t going to get you anywhere. Subscribe to Revenue Talks and learn how other leaders are aligning their go-to-market teams to build pipeline, drive expansion, and accelerate revenue.