Close Your Pipeline Gap by Unlocking New Revenue from Your Digital Marketing. Introducing Drift Audiences.

Have you ever felt trapped by your own data?

I have ?‍

Not because I don’t have enough of it, but because there’s so much data spread across so many teams and technologies that it feels impossible to understand what it’s saying and know what actions to take.

As marketers, we’ve become consumed with expanding our tech stacks to solve every problem with hopes of reaching our revenue targets. We spend our time solving for answers to a laundry list of questions:

  • How do I hit my pipeline target for this quarter?
  • How can I book more meetings for sales?
  • How can I use XYZ channel to drive more qualified leads?
  • How do I remove friction in my acquisition funnel to get to revenue faster?

But guess what? We’ve been asking the wrong set of questions.

Instead of asking HOW.

We should be asking WHO.

Who is my buyer? Who am I trying to have a conversation with within my acquisition funnel?

Because when you know who your buyer is, it lays the groundwork for what you need to do to solve your revenue-generating questions.

That’s why we built Drift Audiences. Now you can break down your data silos to reveal who is on your website – so you can engage in real-time conversations that unlock new revenue ?

Now comes the how. Drift Audiences brings together all of the data from your tech stack right inside Drift through simple integrations that don’t require programming or IT.

By breaking down these silos, Drift Audiences reveals WHO is on your website and what pages they’re on so you can engage in real-time personalized conversations that result in new pipeline.

As a marketer, I’m excited to start using Audiences on Driving revenue has never been more challenging – which means your website is more important than ever before.

To help you get started, here are four ways you can use Drift Audiences to convert the WHO into revenue:

Drive More Engagement from Pages with the Most Traffic

The majority of site traffic goes to your homepage. It’s your storefront. But other sections of your website, like the pricing page, see a good amount of volume too.

Drift Audiences tells you which pages are getting the most traffic, how many of your site visitors you’re engaging with, and how many of those are converting into leads.

For example, let’s say that you notice you’re only engaging 40% of the people on your pricing page. Not bad, but what about the other 60%? That is a lot of money being left on the table.

With Drift Audiences, you can see this opportunity instantly – and then you can take action to fix it fast. When you click on the audience you’re not engaging with, we’ll recommend a playbook you can use to target the site visitors who you weren’t engaging with to drive up engagement.

That’s it. No more “leaky website.”

Increase the ROI from Your Marketing Campaigns

Marketers spend billions of dollars every year driving people to their website. But only 1% of that site traffic ends up converting. That’s because marketers don’t know who those visitors are and rely on forms to find out. And even if they do have tools that tell them who’s on their site, they often can’t take action fast enough to convert this traffic into leads.

Drift Audiences will instantly tell you which site visitors are coming to your site from a specific marketing campaign.

For example, let’s say you just launched a Marketo campaign to promote a new eBook. Some people may come to get the eBook but the majority don’t take your requested action.

Drift Audiences has access to all your Marketo Smart Lists so you can identify these people when they come to your website. Not only that, but Drift Audiences can tell you what percentage of these visitors are being engaged on your website. From there, you can take two actions:

  1. You can see if your conversion is low, and if it is, make improvements by updating your playbooks to include messaging from your existing eBook campaign
  2. You can build a new playbook to target all visitors from this campaign with custom messaging to reinforce your campaign message and accelerate conversion to pipeline.

Discover New Audiences That Are on Your Site 

Every marketer has Google Analytics. Or at least some tool that gives them a clear picture of where people are on their site, what pages are getting the most traffic, and what their conversion rate is.

The problem is that you have to know what you’re looking for. And once you actually find it, you can’t easily take action on the data.

Drift Audiences will proactively discover new audiences that are coming to your website opening up a new stream of qualified leads.

Your site is broken down into bite-sized audiences including who people are (demographic/firmographic) what pages they’re on (URL), what campaign they’re coming from (UTMs or MAP), if they’re a target account (Salesforce), and many more.

To give you an example of how this works, let’s say you notice that you’re driving more traffic from a specific industry.

Using Drift Audiences, you can spin up a playbook within seconds that targets that specific group to capitalize on this new audience that you discovered.

Deliver VIP-Level Experiences to All of Your Target Accounts

Every company has target accounts – especially if you have an ABM strategy in place. There’s usually a list in Salesforce with dedicated account ownership that sales and marketing are working on together. So why do those accounts get the same treatment as everyone when they’re on your site?

Drift Audiences helps you provide a VIP-level experience for all of your target accounts.

For example, let’s say one of your dream customers comes to your site. The message we want to give them isn’t to buy. We don’t want to make them search for answers. We want to be empathetic and offer any help we can.

So, Drift Audiences will look into your target account list in Salesforce, instantly notify the account owner, and then let them jump into a conversation in real-time while the visitor is on the site.

We would love to give you a demo of Drift Audiences and help you turn your digital marketing efforts into a revenue machine.