Marketo and Drift integration

Marketo Integration for Drift

With conversational marketing, B2B companies are capturing and qualifying leads faster than ever before—all while delivering an experience customers actually enjoy. Nobody wants to fill out a form so they can talk to someone later. They just want to talk to someone who can help them NOW.

We are partnering with Marketo, the leading provider of marketing engagement, automation, and attribution software, to take on conversational marketing and form the next era of marketing together.

By combining Marketo and Drift, you can automatically pass new contacts from Drift conversations into Marketo, track and manage lead activity, and map attributes from Drift conversations into Marketo to create lasting relationships that ultimately grow revenue.

Consumers are increasingly seeking new ways to engage real-time with brands in the digital landscape, and we are thrilled to forge a strategic alliance with the leader in the emerging category of conversational marketing. I am confident that Marketo and Drift will lead this market together and deliver unparalleled value to our customers in the age of the engagement economy."

TK Kader
Sr. Director, Alliances, Marketo

Give Your Dream Customers VIP Treatment with Conversational ABM™

Marketo & Drift have teamed up to create Conversational ABM™. Now you’ll be able give your dream customers the VIP experience you’ve always wanted to create.

Because now you can sync contact lists from Marketo into Drift to start personalized conversations with prospects regardless of where they are in the buying process.

Automatically Create Leads In Marketo

When someone gives you their email address during a Drift conversation, a new lead will automatically be created in Marketo. You’ll never lose track of any leads you capture via conversations.

Keep Tabs On All Your Existing Contacts

When you enable the Marketo Munchkin Cookie in your account, Drift will recognize your Marketo contacts on your site! When they have a conversation in Drift, it’ll get logged as an Activity in Marketo so you can have all the context you need in one place.

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