How We Converted 300% More Traffic From Our Facebook Ads Without Redesigning A Single Landing Page

Conversational Landing Pages PPC

When we launched Conversational Landing Pages a few months ago, we had a few (ok, more than a few) ideas about how to use them to drive leads. So when John, a demand gen marketer who focuses on PPC, told us he was willing to try them out for Drift, we were pumped.

After switching to Conversational Landing Pages on Facebook ads, he saw our conversion rate spike 300%.

If you’re spending thousands of dollars per month on PPC you’re sending thousands of people to your website every month.

Just imagine tripling your conversion rate of traffic into leads without having to spend any time optimizing your ads, setting up new targeting or redesigning your landing page.

I spoke to John about our 300% increase in conversions with Conversational Landing Pages and put together this video explaining how he did it.