Skip the form. Skip the funnel. Introducing Conversational Landing Pages.

As a marketer, a big part of your job (and this is a job all B2B marketers are doing in one way, shape or form) is to drive demand through campaigns.

Those campaigns might be a webinar, a social campaign, an event like #HYPERGROWTH. Some people are sharing ebooks and whitepapers in their campaigns.

You are likely running ads on LinkedIn, Facebook, maybe even Pay Per Click (PPC) ads on Google or G2Crowd. Wherever it might be, you typically drive those folks to landing pages instead of driving somebody to your homepage

You do this because you customize the content based on your ad or email or even on the keywords used in a search.

You do all this so that you can give buyers a more customized, and focused experience.

You want every visitor to feel like the landing page was built just for them, because you are looking to capture the demand in the form of leads so that your sales team can work the list.

You do ton of work ? so that you can give prospects a more customized, and focused experience.

But still, invariably, there is a form there that prospects have to fill out to do or redeem the offer (or “get” whatever the thing is in the campaign).

For a long time, you have ultimately driven people that may or may not be interested through your funnel, by capturing them through a form.

That pains us to hear.

Drift customers already have the power to connect now with the people who are interested NOW on the high intent pages on your website like your product pages, your pricing page (and even your Drift Profile).

It just so happens that people who just clicked on your ad or the email you sent them are interested NOW.

Spoiler Alert: Today, we are reinventing the landing page.

With Conversational Landing Pages from Drift, you can now bring all the power of Drift to your campaign’s landing pages. Along with all the impact.

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Instead of needing to do a bunch of work to launch your campaign, conversational landing pages just work. And they are the easiest way to start conversations with your ideal customers NOW.

But before we get into that deeper, why do so many people still use landing pages with forms?

Why did forms stick around so long?

The form is really only a means to an end in order to capture and qualify the prospects.

That’s why you see forms out there asking for information like “annual revenue” and “number of seats/employees”. You want to capture leads, but even more, you want to capture qualified leads.

You’ll have to run the campaign. And what you need is a place to capture leads. You need a place to capture the demand you worked so hard to create.

The work that goes into creating a traditional landing page for that varies at every company, but there’s almost always a lot to do.

Creating a traditional landing page is actually a lot of work.

There really is a lot to do.

You have to have a web developer, and designer and you might even outsource the work to a third party to make the page look how you want.

This usually means revisions, emails and herding scattered resources.

You’ll need to make sure that all the fields in the form actually connect into your CRM the correct way so that your sales team can have all the information they need to act quickly.

There are plenty of times where not only is this a lot of work, but it may not happen as quickly as you’d like, or be tuned as much as you’d like.

It’s all part of the job. This means you have one thing between you and your customers. Time.

In every case though, you’d rather be focusing on getting campaigns up sooner, and spending that precious time creating real demand, which is really what we know matters most.

The control you need to get the job done.

Conversational Landing Pages give you complete control over the experience. It’s a way for you to get started faster; without having to bring in a bunch of other resources and stakeholders or needing to spend any time or money on developer resources.

conversational landing pages require no code

You can launch a new campaign in less than five minutes with Drift. And because we host it for you, you won’t need to install any code to get started.

Just select a template, adjust the copy, and click the green button when you are ready to see your landing page.

You can even integrate Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel to your pages with our built-in one click integrations…

Like a landing page. Unlike any landing page.

And a Conversational Landing Page is not just another chatbot on slapped up on a website page. It’s also a place where you can actually talk with real qualified leads NOW.

Drift integrates with your CRM, so if someone is qualified by Drift, you can choose to route them straight to the perfect person at your company immediately.

Of course we have your back with LeadBot so you can automate lead capture, and convert on the page to get the thing, or even book a time on a sales rep’s calendar.

Imagine never having to ask anyone their name.

You’ll increase conversion rates with a more engaging experience led by a bot (and not a form).

More importantly, you’re doing that in a way where the idea is exactly the same as you’d have been in the high intent pages on your website, your pricing page, your homepage, or any page really.

Drift uses advanced technology and AI to recognize and greet your campaign visitors. When someone is automatically recognized, they’ll never be asked to give their information again.

This works great when you want to reduce the friction from your email campaigns from Drift Email, Marketo, or HubSpot. If you already know them, Drift will just deliver the content or registration, or even book a meeting without the visitor typing in any new data about themselves. Heck, it even works with Gmail for your one-to-one outreach too.

If the website visitor is coming from an ad and not recognized by Drift, you need only ask for an email address. Drift fills in all the other details about their name, role, and company information for you. Like magic.

Now, landing pages can be truly conversational too.

Redefine what storytelling means in your marketing.

Conversational Landing Pages take up the entire screen and the conversation are smart enough to adapt based on the answers given.

All your storytelling appears inline as if you were texting with a friend.

This distraction-free experience allows it to be a true conversation that can unfolds differently based on the choices made by your audience.

Make a truly amazing experience worthy of sharing with your friends.

Your sales team will love you for it.

You’ll have a conversion page that’s can automatically qualify the leads you generate better. Now, you can streamline that whole process that instead of having to stand up a landing page, you can do that with Drift in a matter of minutes. You can now sidestep several stages in your sales funnel and jump straight to the conversation. If you want to send prequalified leads directly to your sales team, you can route them right to their account owners, or send them round robin within a division of your team, or a whole lot more with our Salesforce & HubSpot integrations.

No more waiting.

Now, if you have a Pro Account or above, you already have access to Conversational Landing Pages.

Now you can prove that conversational marketing and bots are going to improve engagement with prospects and increase your conversion rates without the need for a developer.

It’s up to you to capture the demand you are responsible for creating. And ultimately, you drive more revenue and grow your business.

There’s no longer any reason to wait.

View examples of Drift Conversational Landing Pages and get started NOW >>.

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