We’re Introducing 3 Email Bots – So You Can Transform Your Marketing Emails Into Conversations & Make Buying Easier

In email marketing, your job is to drive behavior.

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But in an attempt to drive behavior (and track it), we lost our way. We made things way too complicated for the people getting our emails.

When you take a step back, what you’re really trying to do with email is identify intent. If your buyer has intent, then you get credit for identifying it and handing it off to the sales team. That’s what an MQL should be.

But while that might work for your company, it doesn’t work for your buyer.

Your buyer has changed. They want seamless, personalized, roll out the red carpet experiences. And that means you need to make things dead-simple for them.

So we decided to do something about it. Today we’re introducing email bots built to help email marketers start conversations that make buying easier. Because when your buyers engage with your marketing emails, it should be as easy as hitting the reply button. And now it is.

Transform Your Marketing Emails Into Conversations

Let’s meet the bots. Each one is designed to help you start conversations at various points in the buyer’s journey.

First is Offer Bot which makes it really easy for your buyers to get an offer, in fact it’s as easy as replying to an email.

Then there’s the Follow-Up Bot so you can make sure 100% of your leads are touched by your sales team after they’ve signaled intent (like downloading your content or attending your webinar).

And Re-Engage Bot which helps you restart conversations with cold leads.

All three of these bots are available for purchase today and each one is sold separately so you can implement whichever fits your needs.

Make Engaging With You As Easy As Hitting The Reply Button

OK let’s really dig in – how do the email bots work?

When you plug one of these email bots into your email campaigns, don’t ask your buyers for a click. Ask them for a reply.

Would you like me to reserve your spot for this webinar?

Would you like me to send you this eBook?

Do you have any questions? I can grab someone for you.

And then when someone responds, your email bot will interpret the response using machine learning. It will even reply back, Cc the right sales rep, and update your marketing automation platform so that all activity is tracked.

Instead of making your buyer do the extra work, have your email bot do it for them.


Guess what? You’ll convert more buyers because you’ve made engaging it easy as replying to an email.

And we’re not the only ones who think so.

Siftrock’s Email Bots have helped us automate engagement with our leads. Since December 2018, we have sent approximately 4,200 emails and seen a conversion rate of roughly 5%; we’ve surfaced 16 high-value leads, and booked nine meetings. Siftrock saves my sales team time and still helps them find opportunities.

– Jessi White, Manager of Marketing Ops at NAVEX Global

Just like NAVEX Global, you too can create a fast lane for your best leads to your sales team – without your sales team having to do a thing.

Deliver An Amazing Buying Experience

Here’s how it works. Let’s say someone downloads your team’s new eBook. That’s great! But what happens now?

Well today you probably hand that lead over to sales, update your CRM, and move on to the next item on your to-do list.

But in reality, your sales team probably won’t touch that lead right away. Your sales team is prospecting, holding meetings, and trying to close deals. Leads slip through the cracks all the time.

So instead, let the Follow-Up Bot be your safety net.

You can set up a campaign to make sure that 100% of the leads get a follow-up email. For example, if someone downloads a piece of content, offer them the chance to chat with your sales team. And if they are interested, your email bot can make a warm introduction to the appropriate sales rep by CC’ing them in an email reply.

So just to recap – that means there are no clicks to a website, no forms to fill out, and no extra work for your buyers. It also means your sales team saves time because they don’t have to write or send that email.

These email bots are like an AI virtual assistant that pairs with your marketing automation to help you deliver an amazing buying experience.

And one more thing – email bots work seamlessly with Marketo, Pardot (now Salesforce Marketing Cloud Account Engagement), Eloqua, HubSpot, and Act-On.

Send Your Emails From The Same Platform and Keep Contact Activity Up-To-Date with Siftrock’s Email Bots

So you may be wondering, “do I have to send all my nurture and follow-up emails from somewhere new?”


You’ll still send emails from your marketing automation platform. But when you add an email bot into your campaigns, they will read replies and take action from there.

And what about tracking? The whole reason you’re still using forms is to track behavior and report on it.

So when you’re setting up your email bot, you can configure it to add contacts to a list. Then when a reply comes through, you can update contact properties and map Siftrock properties into your marketing automation platform. This means all activity is tracked, and you didn’t need to use a single form.


Try These 6 Plays To See Siftrock’s Email Bots In Action

To make it easier to get started, we designed six plays for you to use so you can really see what the email bots can do.

We even wrote email copy you can swipe for your first test. Here are a few examples:

  1. The Webinar Valet – make signing up for your webinars as easy as replying to an email. The Offer Bot is perfect for this.
  2. The Content Upgrade – after someone downloads your content, make sure 100% of those leads get touched and a warm intro to sales is made if they want one. Follow-Up Bot can help you with that.
  3. The What’s New – re-engage closed lost opportunities by offering a new demo with the latest updates to your product that they might have missed. This is why we designed the Re-Engage Bot.

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If you want all 6 plays for Siftrock’s new email bots (and the email copy you can swipe), click here. And if you want to join us for a webinar on driving engagement from your marketing emails, click here.