How Top Email Marketers Are Engaging More Buyers With Conversational Emails

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In this live webinar, Dan Murphy (product marketing @ Drift) and Mark Kilens (VP of Content and Community @ Drift) demonstrate how the top email marketers are engaging more buyers with conversational emails.

Email Is Your "In"

Dan begins by stressing the importance of using email as an “in” with a buyer. It offers you direct and immediate access to a prospect. The problem is, the conversion rate is always predictably low with a batch and blast send.

Conversation > Click

The ultimate goal of any good marketing email should be to start a conversation with a buyer. A conversation is more advantageous to your business than a click because it is active engagement whereas a click is a passive action. However, the key challenge is avoiding the common dead ends and pitfalls that cause that conversation to stall.

Human to Human

Dan suggests a few ways to make your emails more human, chief among them having the email come directly from someone on your team. Genuine, personalized emails not only get more replies, they yield higher engagement. If you’re just asking someone to reply, you’re going to reduce your amount of drop-off.

Saving Time

Ultimately, if you put the right email marketing program and technologies in place, you can create a better experience for your buyers and drastically reduce the amount of time you’re putting into your campaigns, while increasing your conversion rate tenfold.

Watch the Recording

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About the Presenters

Dan Murphy
Director of Product Marketing @ Drift

Dan is the Director of Product Marketing at Drift. He’s also worked in demand generation and marketing ops – and prior to joining Drift was a customer, leveraging conversational marketing to accelerate sales at his previous company. Dan loves to geek out over marketing strategies and technology.

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