Here’s How You Should Optimize Your Use of Drift for This New Work From Home Reality

How to update Drift Playbooks

Like many of you, Drift made the decision to have all employees work from home for the time being. We know dozens of other companies are in the same boat and are in the midst of adjusting their own sales and marketing plans. In-person events have been canceled, postponed or moved online, leaving your events strategy up in the air. And all of this change means your website is more important than ever.

Here, we’re sharing a few simple ways you can adjust your Drift Playbooks to make sure you’re prepared for this new work from home reality.

In-person Event Hosted by Another Company Was Canceled or Postponed

Situation: You were going to be at an in-person event another company was hosting that has now been moved or canceled. If you have the list of leads/registrants, upload that list to Drift and greet them with messaging like:

Hey [company name] ? Sorry we won’t get to meet in person at [event name], but want to get connected virtually to us now? ?‍?

Your In-person Event Has Been Moved Online

Situation: You were going to hold an event, but have moved that same event online. Put Drift on your registration sign up or virtual summit landing page with messaging like:

“Hey [company name] ? Thanks for checking out our virtual summit. Our team is available to meet with you now – want to get connected?”

Your In-person Event Was Postponed or Canceled

Situation: You were going to hold an event, but have postponed or canceled it. Use Driftbot as an FAQ to keep questions about this change from overwhelming your sales reps. You can add this to your catchall playbooks with a button response like:

“I have a question about [event name].”

And then follow up with frequently asked questions the bot can take care of.

Changing Up Email Outreach

In email outreach, use Drift Video to send a video message with chat on the side. Your sales reps can leverage video to send messages of what they would have chatted about in person to get the conversation rolling, virtually.

Qualifying Questions

You may have to add in extra qualifying questions to your bot playbooks during this remote period. If you are firmographically targeting based on things like location or employee size, you may want to consider opening your targeting, and instead asking these questions in the flow. From here, you can qualify or disqualify. For disqualifying paths, try offering a piece of content or a video demo.

Account-based Marketing Considerations

Eliav Cohen, from our partner Ultra Cool, also had some great advice, specifically around best practices in regards to account-based marketing ?

Corona fixes to your Drift Instances! We are all working from home… These are changes you need to make to your Drift instance this week. Super important!

There are some advantages and disadvantages as it pertains to demand gen. There are fixes you’ll need to make to handle ABM since folks are not on their company IP.

We also are sharing some openers that are very engaging in relation to Corona that you should put on your Drift bots.

Why is Drift more important than ever during this time?

  • Your customer is online…all the time now
  • Folks are in a home environment (multitasking, willing to digest content)
  • Demand gen is more important than ever in the middle of economic turmoil (cost-cutting, Marketing ROI hurdle rates increasing making it more challenging than ever)

How do you deal with your ABM challenges? You may need to start asking additional qualifiers in order to get the prospect to the right rep as Drift will not pull the firmographic data (outside geographical data). Happy to help you set up those attributes so it works.

Need a good opener? Our favorite current coronavirus openers – “Looks like we’re both at home” and “CV got you working from home too eh?”

Good news! You already have Drift – Time to make it work for you and generate some massive ROI.

– Eliav Cohen

More Helpful Tips

Consider moving email capture up in your conversation flow using our give, give, give mentality. Try offering a piece of content first and asking what business email you should send it to. Next, follow up using messaging like, “While we have you…would you like to speak with a teammate about [insert your value prop here]?.” Or, make email the first qualifying question in your ‘speak with sales path’, then use the conditional property [if company is known] [if company is not known] to follow up and get necessary information about the site visitor.

Drift Playbooks

How has your marketing strategy changed in this new environment? You can chime in with advice, best practices and your own experience in the Drift Community here and here.

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