Drift ABM + Demandbase Scales with Personalized Real Time Conversations

You know it. I know it. It’s time to say it. Spray and pray marketing has had its heyday.

The evolution toward a more targeted (efficient, effective) approach has been documented on this very publication.

At Drift, we know the value getting in front of your target accounts, let alone having a chance to talk with them one on one.

You’ve probably already gotten on board. Many of our readers have. That’s why we built Drift ABM in the first place. In fact, when we took a look around, we saw the account-based-marketing stack itself being a fast growing area to look at.

Demandbase is one of the top providers in the space that (among many other things) allows you to understand who the accounts are on your site, uncover their intent, and much more.

When we took an even closer look at their platform, we thought, “Let’s bring the power of Drift ABM to Demandbase customers.”

So today, we are bringing the two together to enable highly targeted conversational marketing at scale.

Introducing Drift ABM + Demandbase

Let’s look at some of what that actually means before I show you where to learn more (and a link to an upcoming webinar on Full Funnel ABM and implementing a strategy behind this).

Using Drift ABM with Demandbase, your target accounts will always be greeted by a familiar face: their assigned rep.


Let me be clear about this. This is not because you sent an email with a special UTM code, or got them to use a QR code. Drift ABM will already know who your website visitors are with the power of Demandbase. No special links. No tricks.

By the way, when all this is happening, your account rep will be notified in real-time about your dream account visiting your site and she can start a conversation right there.

I know. It’s going to change the game for you. Let’s dig in a little more.

Training time…

Let’s greet your visitors:

Now, let’s build that greeting (At Drift, we call it a Welcome Message) to scale our account based marketing efforts with Drift.

Step 1: Type 6 words.

Step 2: Pull in company name, from Demandbase by clicking “Personalization”. (You’ll notice a personalization tag being used, and it is pulling straight from the Demandbase platform.)

Step 3: There is no step 3.

Let’s build a bot:

Using the power of Demandbase, our DriftBot will understand what industry your website visitor is coming from already. This allows you to make a contextual conversation that had never been possible before.

You’ll use pretty much the same process for this. In this GIF, you’ll see how to click on the personalization button, and pull in data straight from the Demandbase platform.

Drift ABM with Demandbase GIF Demo

Now, any company who visits your website has the opportunity to be given a red carpet experience. Especially your target accounts.

There’s honestly a lot more. But not enough time to share it all here. With Drift ABM with Demandbase, the possibilities are endless with what you can do.

Go check out the rest of the platform here.

Drift ABM + Demandbase

Oh! I almost forgot. We have something coming up that you are definitely going to want to check out.

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