It’s Coming: The Brand New Conversational Marketing Certification

10 months ago we launched the first-ever Conversational Marketing Certification.

Since then, more than 2,000 Insider members have gotten certified. There were some takeaways from our community, like this recap from Liam 👇

And Sam’s short and sweet summary 👇

And we can’t forget Marcos 👇

So many good learnings here – and we’ve only just begun 🤓

A lot has changed since November 2019, and I’ve got one more change to add to the list. I’m excited to tell you that The Conversational Marketing Certification is getting a 100% new makeover. That’s right. All new video lessons, class content, knowledge checks, and more.

2020 just got a lot better, didn’t it?

If you’re too excited to keep reading, go ahead and pre-register here. The certification is launching in mid-October, so once you pre-register, we’ll share study materials with you and let you know when the certification is live.

If you’re still reading, let me tell you what this NEW certification will teach you. You’ll learn:

  • Three approaches you can use to visualize, plan, and implement Conversational Marketing in your business
  • How to build conversational experiences and design conversations that accelerate your business’s revenue and make buying more enjoyable
  • How to optimize Conversational Marketing to drive more meetings and pipeline
  • BONUS: You’re going to hear real-world examples from leading companies including PTC, SolarWinds, Lessonly, and more.

“Wait – I got Conversational Marketing certified just a couple months ago! What should I do?”

If you’re reading this and are thinking “I just got Conversational Marketing certified. It feels like yesterday. Do I have to retake it?” here’s what we recommend. You have 12 months from the day you get certified before expiration. However, our recommendation is to get re-certified sooner rather than later. Why? Simply put, a lot has changed since we launched the original Conversational Marketing Certification.

Here’s a rundown of three of the biggest reasons to get recertified now:

  1. We leveled up the Conversational Framework, published the 2nd edition of the Conversational Marketing Blueprint with all new content, AND launched Revenue Acceleration.
  2. The marketing world has completely shifted over the last 6 months. The actionable learnings you will get in this certification will help you accelerate business revenue by removing friction from the customer experience.
  3. It costs you absolutely nothing other than 1-2 hours of your time (which is 100% worth it for the skills you’ll develop 🙃).

Not to mention, certifications are a great weekend activity these days. Don’t just take it from me – Alex thinks so👇

So does Michelle 👇

And Carmela too 👇

Are you convinced yet?

💡Pre-register here to access study materials and be the first to know when the certification is available.