The Best Springtime Marketing Campaigns from Pepsi, Notion, and Pizza Hut

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For most people, April Fools is just another silly Hallmark holiday. But for marketers, it’s an Olympic sport. It’s our time to show off every last ounce of creativity and package it into a campaign that often has little to do with our brand or our audience.

Can you tell I’m not a fan? Unfortunately, more often than not, April Fools’ campaigns either miss the mark or just aren’t that funny. So instead of rounding up the best and worst of April Fools, I’m highlighting only the very best marketing campaigns and offers from the last month.

1. Pepsi + Peeps Send Sweepstakes to New (Sugar) Highs

Pepsi x Peeps

Nope, this one isn’t a joke.

Pepsi and Peeps teamed up to introduce a fun, highly visual, and highly coveted limited-edition product. And you can’t even get it in stores. What makes this campaign particularly awesome is just how interactive it is. To be entered to win, participants were asked to submit a photo enjoying their favorite springtime activity with Peeps Chicks or Bunnies using #HangingWithMyPEEPS and #PepsiSweepstakes.

How could you take this idea and make it work for your own company?

2. Pac-Man x Pizza Hut Make Takeout Fun Again

Pac-Man x Pizza Hut

Speaking of interactive, this next collab from Pac-Man and Pizza Hut is especially so. And it’s timely. Right now, we’re all missing those normal everyday activities – going out to eat, games with friends. And this campaign brings both of those together. Because for a limited time, on a limited number of boxes, Pizza Hut is offering up QR codes that open up augmented reality Pac-Man games.

Takeout is the real hero of the pandemic and this campaign is just one more reason why.

3. BuzzSumo Shares the Trick to Better Headlines

BuzzSumo Headline Study

Even I have a hard time coming up with catchy headlines every now and then. Which is why I was especially excited to read this new study from BuzzSumo, which analyzed more than 100 million posts to uncover the makings of a good headline including length, the best numbers to use, and what results in the most engagement on Facebook and Twitter. Because “A headline isn’t just an article title. It’s a tiny window of opportunity to connect with your audience.”

You can read the full study here.

4. Ceros’ A-Z Guide to the New Normal Predicts Our Future

Ceros A to Z

By now we all know normal is a thing of the past. And we’ve all spent the better part of the last year figuring out what the “next normal” looks like. Well, Ceros took that idea and made it fresh again with an interactive A-Z Guide. In it, they highlight what’s in store for design and marketing in 2021.

You can check out their predictions here.

5. Notion’s New Blog Gives Simple a Whole New Meaning

Notion Blog

Have you ever used Notion’s all-in-one workspace? It’s pretty freaking delightful. So when they unveiled their brand new blog last month, I wasn’t too surprised. Just like their product, it’s clean, friendly, and easy to navigate. And Good UI + good content makes me one happy marketer.

If you’re looking for some blog design inspo for a springtime website refresh, check out the Notion blog, Tools & Craft, here.

What marketing inspiration have you come across lately? What should I add to my list? Let me know by tweeting me @gaxelro.