5 Marketing Campaigns to Help You Bring a Little Joy to 2021 from Barilla, InVision, and theSkimm

Best marketing campaigns January 2021

New year! Same old “meh” mood.

2021 might not have started off how we wanted (I, for one, literally chipped a tooth), but it is still a new year. And every new year gives us a chance at a fresh start – a chance to reset and adjust our goals and roll out new campaigns to help us meet them. Which means, there’s never been a better time to swipe some of these January 2021 marketing campaigns for your own business.

Here’s what caught my eye in January:

1. Barilla’s Spotify Playlist Timer

Barilla Playlist Timer

Barilla / Publicis

A playlist for every noodle? Why not.

Because after cooking three meals a day for 11 months, we deserve something to break up the monotony (and the same four dinners on repeat). Barilla’s handy Spotify playlist plays for exactly how long your pasta needs to cook – depending on the type of noodle of course. And while this Celiac can’t join in on the fun, the campaign is a playful and creative way to make something as standard as boiling water interesting again.

Start cooking here 🍝

2. Joe Biden’s White House (.gov to be exact)

Okay, Joe Biden’s aviators (and a host of other policies) mean the White House just got a whole lot cooler. But, for this nerd at heart, www.whitehouse.gov takes the cake. Because the smart people behind the site hid a little Easter egg in the code. And after such a sh*tty year, it’s really the little things that make all the difference. See what I mean 👇

Whitehousedotgov Easter Egg

And when you follow that link, Chrome Inspector (aka right click > Inspect) reveals this:

Mollie the Crab

Iit’s Mollie the Crab, the U.S. Digital Service’s unofficial mascot. Who knew?!

3. A New Documentary Film from InVision

InVision Squads Documentary

Sit through another boring virtual event. Please no. Which is why I was thrilled when InVision launched something else entirely – a brand new documentary film – with a red carpet-style premier to match. The film, which explores how product teams at companies like AirBnb, Atlassian, and YouTube collaborate, is a swipe-worthy way to promote InVision and their product without overtly selling.

4. theSkimm’s New Year Challenge

Skimm Your Life Challenge

New year, new you? That’s what theSkimm, a popular daily newsletter turned full fledged media company, rolled out with their How to Skimm Your Life Challenge. Over 21 days (because hi, 2021), the challenge unlocked a new task aimed at helping subscribers reduce their mental load.

Skimm Your Life Challenge

I love the fact that the campaign is interactive, offering a new tip (and reason to engage) every day. And can definitely see this working for B2B companies who want to roll out a series of best practices or product how-tos in a fun, new way.

5. Pandemic-friendly Interviews

The Kelly Clarkson Show Drive INterviews

Okay, to be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Kelly Clarkson – we’re more of a Baby Shark household (if you know, you know). And I definitely didn’t know she had her own network show. BUT the way she’s been able to shift her interviews for a pandemic world is pretty clever. The series, aptly named Drive-INterviews, is just that. Kelly and her guest each sit in their own car and chat. It’s a safe, socially distanced way to get the footage she needs and have fun in the process.

2021 might not be starting off like we’d hoped. But there is a light at the end of the tunnel, however far away that light might be. So until we’re all safely through this pandemic, it would serve us well to bring a little joy into each and every marketing campaign we plan to roll out this year.

What marketing inspiration have you come across lately? What should I add to my list? Let me know by tweeting me @gaxelro.