5 Marketing Campaigns that Celebrate Women’s History Month from Adobe, Ritual, The New York Times, and More 

March is Women’s History Month and March 8th is International Women’s Day. So, needless to say, this month’s Swipe File is celebrating the best of the best Women’s History Month campaigns (with a few extras thrown in because…author’s prerogative).

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1. theSkimm Celebrates Women’s History Month

theSkimm Women's History Month

This campaign from theSkimm takes the cake 🧁 It features audio, video, and written content celebrating female history makers. It also highlights products honoring game-changing women (RBG coffee mug, yes please) and products from women-owned brands. And, best of all, it gives theSkimm readers a chance to participate in their own way. The landing page includes an interactive video wall where readers can record their own story shouting out a woman who’s inspired them. It’s a great way to include user-generated content for a worthy cause. You can try it out here.

theSkimm WHM videos

2. Adobe’s Women for Women Event

Adobe Women for Women Event

I think I can speak for everyone when I say we’re pretty burnt out on virtual events…unless they’re truly amazing. And this event from Adobe promises to deliver. Because it features Academy Award-winning actor, producer, and philanthropist, Viola Davis.

The event is amazing on its own, but the invite really made it stand out. See what I mean?

Adobe event invite

It’s not some shiny HTML email. Instead, it looks like a one-off email written just for me. Plus it includes scarcity, FOMO, urgency, and exclusivity. Enough to make this marketer not only click, but register.

3. Ritual’s Email Sign Up Widget

Ritual Vitamins

You’ve probably seen their ads on Instagram, but this women-founded and led vitamin company is more than just flashy marketing. Because they back up their products with science (the Harvard kind) and I’ve been binging on their marketing for the past few weeks. It’s human, clean, simple, and cheery – everything we could use right now. And while I love everything about their brand, their email sign up widget got me. It says so much while saying so little. You immediately know what their brand is about and that makes me think their emails will be worth my while too.

Ritual Email Subscribption Widget

4. The Primal Scream from The New York Times

The Primal Scream

Let me preface this by saying that I have been EXTREMELY LUCKY to have childcare nearly every work day since the pandemic started. Even still, this article from The New York Times touched a nerve. And while it’s not specifically written for Women’s History Month, I wanted to call it out because it draws attention to the significant burden this pandemic and its fallout has had specifically on women. It’s a worthwhile read, especially this month. And I’m including it here not only because the actual content of the article is illuminating, but the multimedia format is innovative and engaging. You can read and interact with this piece here.

5. Revue’s Onboarding Email

Okay, this last one isn’t specific to Women’s History Month, but I am a woman and I loved this, so here we are. This welcome/onboarding email from the newsletter platform Revue (which was recently acquired by Twitter) is grade A. It tells me exactly what I need to do to be successful with easy-to-follow steps and sets expectations for how and when I might expect to see traction on the platform. And it might just inspire me to start my very own newsletter, what do you think?

Revue Onboarding Email

I’m biased, but I think more marketing needs to celebrate women not just in March, but every day. So while these campaigns are an amazing start and hopefully provide you some inspiration to launch your own Women’s History Month-themed campaign this March, here’s to hoping we can all start celebrating women year-round.

What marketing inspiration have you come across lately? What should I add to my list? Let me know by tweeting me @gaxelro.