Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate with Drift Engage

On average, Drift customers who target their playbooks using intent-scoring tools like Lift AI see a 9x increase in conversions from conversations to pipeline. The reason? Buyers want businesses to show them that they understand them, and with Drift Engage, powered by Lift AI, you can not only show your site visitors you know them, but also how you can help them.

Just take it from Intelex. By leveraging Drift and Lift AI together, they’ve seen a 4x in opportunity conversion efficiency and a significant increase in meetings booked per day.

In this webinar led by Drift’s VP of Marketing, Emily Singer and Lift AI’s Head of Marketing, Justin Wagg, they discuss key use cases for Drift Engage with commentary from special guest Jennifer Boudreau, Director of Revenue Operations from Intelex.

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Emily Singer

VP of Marketing

Justin Wagg

Head of Marketing

Jennifer Boudreau

Director of Revenue Operations, Intelex

Skyrocket Your Conversion Rate with Drift Engage