4 Ways to Create Better On- & Offline Buying Experiences With Drift


Here’s the deal.

We all know that marketing can be expensive ?

Running almost any campaign will cost you well into the thousands. At a minimum.

And we all know that in order to create a rockstar campaign, we have to use multiple channels (online and off).

But the more channels we add, the harder it gets to carry the same message and customer experience throughout.

Cue Driftbot ?

Here are four ways to use Driftbot across online and offline channels to create a custom buying journey and message.


Paid ads cost big money. You have to constantly manage CAC, monitor performance and much more.

It’s a costly and time-consuming channel.

So what happens when your ads do their job and send someone back to your site? Does anything about the customer journey change or acknowledge that they’ve just come from one of your ads?

One way we get the most out of ad traffic is by creating a custom bot with a special greeting to acknowledge that that site visitor came from an ad.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is a tricky channel to begin with. It can be super powerful, but also very expensive and disjointed.

When someone gets your piece of mail, what’s next? I’m assuming you send them to your website, but does the customer experience end there? What happens when they reach out to sales? Do they get another disjointed message?

We’ve been able to cut through the clutter and immediately create a more streamlined experience with Drift.

Here’s how we do it:

1. We send a piece of direct mail pointing recipients to a dedicated URL ?

The prospect heads to the dedicated URL and lands on a dedicated blog post (referencing the mail they just got) which also included a custom bot referencing the campaign.

2. Since we keep our  CDRs in the loop with all of our campaigns, they jump in with the right context:

Pretty sweet (? ?) right?


I just did some quick math, and for all the nurture campaigns I’ve built, it’s taken me over 90 hours to define the streams, curate the content, write and create the emails, build all of the routing, test, and then set them live.

90 hours? That better be one hell of an experience.

But let me ask you a question.

In all of the email flows you’ve built, are you typically linking back to something on your site? The answer is most likely a resounding “yes.” But doing so also means you’re most likely throwing out all of that work you just did to personalize emails with tokens and by lead type and stage.

Because more likely than not, everyone is treated the same way once they land on your site – like a net new lead.

So why spend 90 hours creating amazing email copy if it’s just going to end in a generic experience on your site?

At Drift, we’re never happy with the status quo. So we created a special nurture bot – one that acknowledges the lead has read and engaged with one of our emails. See it in action?



Events are an… interesting channel. They’re multi-pronged, so creating a unified experience throughout can be tricky.

Typically, you’ll send an invite out to a segment of your database to go register for the event on a landing page with a generic form. From there you meet registrants at the event at whatever time they decide to show up – and your event and sales team may or may not be prepped. Next, you’ll send a typical follow-up email asking for a meeting before chucking the lead over to sales.

I know that’s a rough summary, but you get the picture.

And don’t forget how much money you spend on events. So it’s worth investing a bit of time and effort to personalize the experience.

Here’s how we’ve upgraded this customer journey at Drift:

1. When we invite our database to an event, we send them to a landing page with a bot who will reserve them swag and a time to meet with us. This does two things: 1) It generates excitement for them to come to the booth (get a present, yay!) and 2) We know when they’re coming by so the sales team is fully prepared.

2. Once we’re at the event, we’re not just scanning badges and sending prospects on their merry way. With Drift Meetings, we’re booking all the follow-up meetings for our reps right then and there, no back and forth needed. Oh and no having to look up who owns that person either, Drift does the routing automatically.

3. The event is over and we’re back at the office with our final prospect lists. We upload those and target them through Drift ABM so when they come back to our site they get a personalized message and their rep is automatically alerted that they’re on the site.

Now that’s pretty custom, right?

And if you’re looking for an even more detailed explanation of how I do this for my campaigns, watch my Drift Insider class here.