Connect with Prospective Students, Instantly.

Answer student questions and connect prospective students with admissions counselors on your website, 24/7/365.

Drift for higher education

Big Life Choices Minus Big Obstacles

Students — they’re independent and they’re plugged into the latest technology and trends. To keep pace, colleges and universities must adapt how they engage, enroll, and retain these learners.

That’s why Drift customers like Wake Forest University School of Business and Stanford University are transforming the future of higher ed recruitment, one conversation at a time.

We’ve helped 50,000+ companies accelerate their revenue.

Drift gives us the ability to be nimble and responsive, which is crucial to capturing as many conversations as possible during our highly competitive recruiting
time frame.

Michael Lamphier

Executive Director, Marketing and Communication, WFU School of Business

Create an Experience Students Come to Expect

The average incoming freshman applies to over 10 schools. 10! Make their lives easier and meet their expectations with Drift. Chat with students in real-time, personalize your messaging, book meetings, and create an experience that’s convenient and tailored to them.

Drift for higher education

Knowledge is Power

Make Drift your students’ personal concierge online. Serve up relevant content on high-traffic pages like career pages, department pages, and academic
program pages.

Drift for higher education

Get a formula for driving success with conversations

Insights at your fingertips

Give admissions counselors insights they can act on to exceed their goals. With our robust integrations, you’ll know who’s on your website, the pages they’ve visited, and what content they engaged with — all in one unified platform.

Drift for higher education

Scale Recruiting Without Sacrificing the Student Experience

Deflect common questions with Drift AI chatbots. Respond just like your best admissions counselors would — handling complex questions with human-like precision — to give your staff relief without sacrificing the student experience.

Drift for higher education

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