spring into ai

Weather’s getting nicer. Days are getting longer. And it’s the perfect time to grow your AI knowledge with our garden full of top learning resources.


Whether you’re an AI master gardener or just starting to dip your toes in the dirt (hmmmm wrong metaphor?), we’ve got all different levels of AI learning content to meet you wherever you are. So, dig in below where it makes sense for you, or check out everything to get the full experience.


We all have to start somewhere, and this is the perfect place for budding AI knowledge to grow.

📚  From Autopilot to AI Co-Pilot – Eight of the world’s top AI minds help you prepare for AI success

📚  State of Marketing and Sales AI Report – Learn how 900+ marketing leaders are thinking about and approaching AI in their own businesses

💻  The Essential AI Glossary for Marketers – All the AI terms marketers need to know, all in one place

💻  How Will AI Fit into Your Future? – A monthly pub from our leadership team on how they’re thinking about AI

📄  AI Flashcards – Your cheat sheet for the top things to know about AI


Now that you know a little about AI, it’s time to graduate to the next level. In gardening, think of this as you’re not quite wearing overalls, but your denim is definitely dirty and your gloves probably have a hole or two in them.

💻  In a Saturated AI Market, Here’s Why Drift Stands Out – Well, this one kind of speaks for itself 🙂

📚  The Drift Conversational AI Starter Guide – Your GTM team’s blueprint to get up and running with Conversational AI

📄  Design Your AI Flightpath – Your checklist for boosting revenue with AI.


Okay know-it-all, we see you with your AI thumbs all kinds of green. BUT even the biggest experts still have some things left to learn — we promise.

📚  The Responsible AI Roadmap – With great power comes great responsibility. Check this out to harness the power of AI safely and effectively.

💻  How to Build a Conversational AI Experience Your Site Visitors Will Love – One of our top conversation designers shares how she builds for better customer experiences.

📄  Here Are 3 Real-Life Ways Sales Teams Can Embrace AI – This one goes out to all the sellers! Don’t miss these actionable examples to help you get up and closing with AI.


Check out some of the many ways Drift’s AI-powered solutions can help you level up your business.


Drift Engage – learn how to achieve 9X higher conversions from your playbooks


Site Concierge – see how a single widget can transform your web engagement


Bionic Chatbots – check out the future of playbook-building to deliver unheard of personalization

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Take a deeper dive into each of our newest innovations above and get tactical in how you can extract the most value from each.

Drift Engage

Site Concierge

Bionic Chatbots