ATLANTA and BOSTON — Aug. 10, 2021 — Drift, the world’s leading Revenue Acceleration Platform, and SalesLoft, provider of the most complete Sales Engagement platform that includes Cadence, Conversations, and Deals, today announced a partnership to help B2B organizations generate more revenue. The cornerstone of the Drift and SalesLoft partnership is an integration providing sales and marketing professionals with a robust collection of customer engagement tools designed to create meaningful, perfectly-timed connections with prospects, while eliminating “cold” connections altogether.

The Drift-SalesLoft partnership will unlock hyper-personalized communication with prospects in a way that increases engagement and conversion, aligning sales and marketing together through shared visibility into target accounts. Through powerful features like real-time notifications and visitor identification, Drift and SalesLoft customers can now enhance the purchasing experience by aligning messaging across the entire organization. Sales representatives (reps) can take action quickly, starting live conversations with high-intent buyers at the perfect moments, or choosing to follow up later with a personalized outbound message based on where the prospect is in the buying journey. Features include:

  1. Real-Time Notifications: Sellers receive real-time notifications anytime a person who is added to a SalesLoft Cadence is active on their website, and can start a Drift conversation in the moment.
  2. Visitor Identification: Prospects in SalesLoft Cadences can be identified and targeted with specific Drift playbooks and engaged in a personalized way in real-time. Additionally, sales and marketing reps can identify who is watching a video or visiting their website from shared links.
  3. Activity Feed and Data Sync: Sales reps can view all of their account activity in one place via Drift events in the SalesLoft Activity Feed.
  4. Easy SalesLoft Cadence Enrollment: Marketers can enroll a buyer into a SalesLoft Cadence from the chat inbox or directly from the Drift Feed.

“The world has fundamentally changed as we work and live online more than ever. Buyers make more than 80% of purchases online, yet businesses still struggle to see the complete picture of online behavior. We’re changing that,” said David Cancel, CEO and co-founder of Drift. “Now, that prospect you’ve been dying to get a hold of can book a meeting directly via Drift chat. You can have Drift conversations right inside of SalesLoft’s Activity Feed, gathering the context you need before you jump on the call. It’s incredibly powerful for sellers and marketers alike.”

Marketing and sales departments have long been siloed, using different technology and focusing on different goals. This resulted in a disconnect in understanding prospect priorities and what’s actually happening on a company’s website, ultimately leading to missed opportunities. Drift and SalesLoft are partnering to offer identification and targeting in a way that enables marketers to create cross-channel buying experiences from outbound cadences, along with easy enrollment workflows for sales reps to add prospects from their own inboxes and efforts.

“Empowering sellers with the solutions they need to close more deals is our top priority,” said Kyle Porter, CEO of SalesLoft. “Partnering with Drift allows sellers to have deeper, more personalized connections with their prospects at the right time, in the right way: a proven combination for better outcomes. Together, SalesLoft and Drift unlock major potential for both marketing and sales teams.”

SalesLoft will showcase its integration with Drift in a keynote presentation at RevGrowth, Drift’s virtual summit on the future of sales and marketing, taking place on August 26. To attend, register via the Drift bot here.

The Drift integration is available via the SalesLoft App Directory.

About Drift
Drift is the Revenue Acceleration Platform that uses Conversational Marketing and Conversational Sales to help companies grow revenue and increase customer lifetime value faster. More than 50,000 businesses use Drift to align sales and marketing on a single platform to deliver a unified customer experience where people are free to have a conversation with a business at any time, on their terms.

About SalesLoft
SalesLoft is the global provider of the most complete Sales Engagement platform, helping industry-leading companies like IBM, Shopify, Square, and Cisco generate more revenue and deliver better experiences to their customers. SalesLoft is frequently recognized for its award-winning culture with recognitions from Fortune’s Best Workplaces, Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work, and Inc. Magazine’s Best Workplaces. For more information on SalesLoft, visit


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