Email Bots Are Built On Drift’s Market-leading Artificial Intelligence

Marketers have been optimizing emails for clicks for decades, but clicks alone aren’t enough. Your best leads want to have conversations about your solutions, but it’s almost impossible to manage those real conversations at scale. Now with Email Bots, you can.

Email Bots Start Conversations With 100% of Your Leads

Never let another lead slip through the cracks. Drift’s Email Bots engage the right people with conversational emails at the right time, so you can start conversations with all of your best leads and follow up with 100% of the people who reply. It’s like having an AI email assistant that offers the same 1:1 conversation your sales team does, but with an Email Bot doing the work.

Drift Email Bots
Drift Email Bots have elevated us to a whole new level of engagement and lead nurturing. And our sales reps love it; it makes their job easier too. We’ve just scratched the surface and are ready to keep scaling.”
— Jessi White, Manager of Marketing Operations at NAVEX Global

Create a Fast Lane to Your Sales Team for Your Best Leads

When your Email Bot discovers someone is qualified and ready to talk to sales, it will introduce the lead owner in the same email thread, which guarantees immediate marketing to sales hand-off every time. Drift will even sync reply text back to your marketing automation platform and CRM. This saves your sales team time qualifying so they can work on what matters – closing deals.

Email Bots from Drift Email

Your AI-Powered Email Assistants

Drift’s Email Bots run on Drift’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to interpret emails and decide the best next step.

There are many kinds of Email Bots. Three of our most popular Email Bots include:

Follow-Up Email Bots

Follow-up Bot

Automate follow-up emails and warm hand-offs to sales when the time is right.

Abandoned Chat Email Bot

Abandoned Chat Email Bot

Re-engage everyone who started a chat conversation with your sales team.

Webinar Email Bot

Webinar Bot

Generate 95% more webinar registration rates by enabling people to sign up with a quick email reply. Webinar Bot can help you do that. Learn how here.

Save your sales team time while engaging with more leads. Try Email Bots now.

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