Drive More Revenue from Your Webinars

Create a webinar experience that generates 95% more registrations and drives more revenue with Drift Email’s Webinar Bot.

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Generate 95% More Webinar Registrations

Webinar Bot helps you drive more webinar registrations by removing the layers of friction in webinar forms. Think about it…the traditional way of registering webinar attendees is to send out an email that points to a lengthy form. But why? Lengthy forms create a bad experience for registrants and create friction and, therefore, drop off.

Instead, what if people could sign up for your webinar directly from that first email? That’s what Drift Email’s Webinar Bot can do!

Webinar Bot will automatically register everyone who raises their hand, and sync that information with your marketing automation platform. This creates a frictionless webinar experience, and gave our customers a 95% boost in webinar registrations.

Book More Meetings with Webinar Leads

Webinars don’t end after the broadcast. Following up with the webinar registrants and attendees is an important step for sales, and creates value for your webinar program. But, your sales team is busy, so Webinar Bot will send all of your follow-up emails for you and use Drift Email’s advanced AI technology to manage conversations with everyone who replies. When someone’s ready to talk to sales, Webinar Bot will loop in the right person for that account. The result? Your team focuses on the hottest leads, books more meetings, and creates more pipeline from your webinar program.

Get 80% of Your Time Back

If you’ve run a webinar, you know how many people email you about the recording. You also know people will reach out after the webinar, asking for more information on the topic and wanting to learn more about how your company can help. Webinar Bot can automatically interpret and reply to those emails for you, so you can save time and focus on your next event. It also responds to everyone who replies to your webinar emails, so you can save hours sending webinar recordings and following up with attendees. That’s why marketers and sales reps get 80% of their time back with Webinar Bot doing this work for them.

NAVEX Global uses Email Bots to automate engagement with their leads. They've seen a conversion rate of roughly 5%; surfacing 16 high-value leads, and booking 9 meetings. Email Bots save their sales team time and help them find opportunities.


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