Our team has partnered with thousands of Drift customers to help them successfully build and launch their own Conversational Marketing strategies.

Depending on your Drift plan and specific goals, here’s how you can expect to work with your Customer Success Manager and the Drift Team throughout onboarding and ongoing optimization.

Learn and Plan

Overview and Goals

  • Sales Executive knowledge shares with CSM on customer goals, team, metrics, tech stack
  • Sales Executive introduces CSM to customer for kickoff

Kickoff Call

  • Choose starting playbooks
  • Choose starting Sales Team Members
  • Set tasks, owners, deadlines
Build and Connect

Implement Playbooks

  • Build first 2 - 3 playbooks

Connect Integrations

  • CRM integration
  • Marketing automation platform integration

Connect Calendar to Drift

  • Outlook 365 or Gmail
  • Drift Meetings

Sales Team Training

  • Rollout Drift to BDR/SDRs
  • Education on Conversational Marketing best practices

Go Live

  • Set first playbook live
  • Trained Sales Team starts taking chats

Post Launch Optimization

  • Review Meetings
  • Review Opportunities Sourced
  • Review achievements and milestones
Optimize and Grow

Strategic Business Review

  • Review Metrics
  • Review Meetings and Opps
  • Chat Analysis

Build next 2-3 playbooks

  • Pricing Page Bot
  • Second Net Bot
  • ABM Bot

Train rest of the Sales Team

  • Train the trainer
  • Conversational Marketing Specialists

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