With RollWorks and Drift it’s easier than ever to uncover new opportunities and deliver personalized and relevant experiences that accelerate sales velocity.

About RollWorks

RollWorks offers an account-based platform that empowers teams to identify their target accounts and key buyers, reach those accounts across multiple channels, and measure program effectiveness in their system-of-record.

RollWorks and Drift

With RollWorks and Drift together, customers can identify website visitors through RollWorks firmographic attributes and account-level data and then engage those accounts with relevant on-site chat experiences through Drift. You’ll qualify and convert prospects faster while automatically connecting accounts with the right sales team.

Use Cases

Identify website visitors and use account data to engage them in real-time with personalized chat experiences
Take advantage of RollWorks account-level data in site visitors’ chat experiences to surface the right content, relevant messaging and route them to the right sales team. Provide competitive talking points to accounts researching competitors, display white papers on specific topics accounts are researching, send high priority accounts to specific sales teams and more.
Save time and ensure the right accounts are being targeted through dynamic list syncing.
By directly syncing RollWorks data to Drift, chat playbooks can be built faster and the right accounts can consistently be targeted as Drift automatically recognizes changes in RollWorks audience lists.
Ensure a consistent omnichannel experience.
Engage target accounts with consistent and personalized messaging across channels such as display ads, landing pages, and on-site chat.

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