Power Up Your Marketing Automation: Marketo Edition

Want to give your team a clear end-to-end picture of the engagement cycle? Here’s how to get the job done with Drift’s Marketo integration.

About This Book

Sometimes it seems like the only constant marketers can count on is change. It’s a balancing act we know all too well, juggling the huge range of marketing activity required to deliver results.

But here at Drift, we think it’s time to evolve and simplify repetitive marketing practices across lead generation, segmentation, cross-sell, up-sell, nurturing and retention.

The secret to success? Marketing automation.

A winning marketing automation strategy can improve your conversion rates, generate more quality leads, build more pipeline, and create more love between marketing and sales.

The best part? Not only will this free up more time in your calendar, but it’ll also fill up your sales teams’ calendars to meet with buyers who are likely to convert.

Drift’s integration with Adobe Marketo Engage helps marketers stay ahead of the curve and give their reps a clear end-to-end picture of the engagement cycle.

This guide will teach you everything you need to make sure you’re set up for success.

Let’s get started.

Get the Most out of Marketo

Ready to see what your marketing automation platform can do for you? Learn how to nurture buyers, book more meetings, and build solid pipeline with the Drift + Marketo integration.