Microsoft Dynamics Integration, Playbook Marketplace, and Service Agent View: November Releases from Drift

By Fiona Shang

Today, it’s harder than ever to grab someone’s attention. In fact, 72% of customers say they will only engage with personalized messaging.

Here at Drift, the importance of personalized experiences is not lost on us. That’s why we are continuously innovating to provide more insights, integrations, and best practices to help you create even better customer experiences so you can generate more pipeline efficiently.

This month, we are excited to introduce our Microsoft Dynamics 365 integration, Playbook Marketplace, Service Agent View, and AI Novel Response.

Are your go-to-market teams ready to convert more web visitors, build relationships, and deliver one-of-a-kind experiences? Read on to learn what’s new 👇

Drift + Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integration

Drift’s 50+ integrations and open developer API ensure a seamless experience across your entire tech stack. Now, Microsoft Dynamics is on the list which means you can sync Drift data with one of the largest and most trusted CRM platforms.

The Drift + Microsoft Dynamics integration automatically creates and updates both leads and contacts from your Drift conversations within Dynamics 365, while also adding full chat transcripts to the record. You can also set lead owners to whichever sales rep first participated in the conversation, booked a meeting, or ended the conversation.

With this integration, you can now easily use real-time data from Drift conversations to gain more insight into your prospects, optimize your marketing campaigns, and create personalized outreach to close more deals.

Drift + Microsoft Dynamics Integration

Click here to learn more about the Drift + Microsoft Dynamics integration.

Create Personalized Conversations with Ease

Drift’s playbooks are what allow you to design conversations and deliver the tailored digital experience that buyers expect today. There are endless ways to build effective playbooks, but it takes time and effort. So we’re making the process easier for you.

Our refreshed Playbook Marketplace is a repository of everything you need to make the most out of Drift. It includes templates for different use cases, examples of how each playbook should be used, and tutorial videos to guide you through the entire building process. With these best practices at your fingertips, you’ll have no problem turning your personalized conversations into more pipeline.Playbook Marketplace

Click here to learn more about Playbook Marketplace.

Improve Customer Service with More Insights

Delivering outstanding customer service is always challenging. Your support teams need to understand customer needs and then find the best solution fast. Now they can get all the insights they need within Drift.

Our new Service Agent Conversation View gives agents all the information they need at a glance. You can now easily see more details about tickets created from Salesforce and Zendesk, such as case status, priorities, and assigned owner. You can even create new tickets, add comments, and view previous conversations to get more context on customer requests.

With a refreshed design, your agents can quickly find everything they need so they can focus on providing the best experience for your customers.

Service Agent Conversation View

Click here to learn more about Service Agent Conversation View.

Train Your AI Bot to Be Smarter

Drift’s patented AI comes with 59 out-of-the-box topics formed from 100M+ buyer conversations, which allows it to provide accurate and immediate answers 24/7. But sometimes, the AI may not understand your buyer’s question at first.

Drift’s AI chatbot now lets website visitors rephrase their questions up to four times. So, not only do your AI bots get more chances to provide relevant answers, but the additional information also trains your AI so that it gets smarter after each conversation.

AI Novel Response

Click here to learn more about Drift AI.

That’s all for this month. Check back next month for more from Drift ⚡️

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