Product Update: Sales Sequences, Enhanced Reporting, and Custom Meeting Types

2017 was huge for us at Drift, but we’re ready to make 2018 our best year yet. That’s why we’ve got plenty of fresh updates in the pipeline. Plus, what else is there to do during the Boston winter besides ship ??

With that in mind, our team started off strong with some product updates that will keep the excitement going well into the year.

The Big One For January: Sales Email Sequences

The days of spray and pray are over.

The best sales reps are helpful and personal. Like tour guides – more likely to be product experts than pushy salespeople. Sadly, most of today’s email tools were built for yesterday’s sales person.

So we built and launched Drift Sequences, sales email reinvented to help reps start more conversations with their potential customers.

Read more about sequences here!

But Wait, There’s More From January!

We introduced a native integration with Google Analytics, so marketers can spend less time trying to insert a snippet onto their webpages, and more time generating qualified leads on their website!

This is an easy, one-click integration that you can find here in your Drift account.

You can learn more about the Google Analytics integration here.

You can now use smart sending so that you can make sure your prospects are getting your emails at the right time.

Check out Advanced Sequence Sending in your Drift account today! It’s completely free to get started.

Want more intel? Check out


Revenue and Conversational Reporting

For decades, marketers have argued with sales teams about what makes a lead qualified.

They’ve fought about what influenced a sale: a marketing campaign or a sales call?

We wanted to end the war between marketing and sales, so we introduced Revenue Reporting, to show you the metric that really matters: Dollars.

But we didn’t want to stop there, so we added Conversation Reports.

They’ll show you where your conversations are happening across your site, and who’s having the most conversations.

Want to learn more about our new reporting? We wrote a blog post all about it.

Custom Meeting Types

Not all meetings are created equal, so we wanted to give you the power to create different kinds of meetings that you can schedule to keep your calendar clean and organized.

You can set meeting duration depending on the type of meeting you want to hold, where they’ll be held (Zoom link, Google Hangout, etc.), the description of the meeting, and the name of the meeting type.

You can also copy a direct link to your custom meeting and send it to a prospect. Easy!


Some More Updates from January and February:

  • Tool tips for easier navigation. We added tool tips to our chat widget settings page to help users navigate the page more easily.
  • Automated error reporting. Error reporting for Salesforce so you can see if something went wrong with your integration, and let us know right away!
  • Detailed conversation reporting. We added more information to the conversation reports. You can now see a report of how many conversations your reps are each routed into, if conversations are bot assisted, what time the conversations are happening, and sorted by teammate.
  • Segment selector makeover. Our segment selector in Email Playbooks got a makeover. Now you can choose which segments to include and exclude from a Playbook, all in one view.

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