Introducing Drift Sequences – Sales Email That Actually Helps Customers Buy

The days of spray and pray are over.

The best sales reps are helpful and personal. Like tour guides – more likely to be product experts than pushy salespeople.

That’s because the way we buy has changed.

According to a recent Forrester study, 57% of prospects will make up their mind before they talk to sales.

Honestly, I feel like 100% of my interactions with sales are after I’ve already made a decision to buy something.

While the way you and I buy things has changed, the tools have not.

Most sales reps rely on spray and pray tactics – how many emails can they send in order to book a meeting? It’s just a numbers game.

Today’s sales email tools were built for yesterday’s salesperson.

Or as our CEO, David Cancel, would put it “they are perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.”

Last October, we launched part one of our reinvention: a Drift Chrome Extension that connects your outbound prospecting to real-time messaging on your website.

Today, we’re announcing Drift Sequences, sales email reinvented to help reps start more conversations with their potential customers.

Sales Email Is Broken

We have grown to *hate* email.

We get too much of it from people we don’t know or have any interest in talking to.

Here’s three reasons why today’s marketing and sales email is broken:

Reason #1: Email isn’t real-time. We hate email because it’s slow. It doesn’t connect us with anyone in real-time like messaging does. So we prefer Slack, iMessage and Facebook Messenger.

Reason #2: Email gets abused. As marketers and salespeople, we love email because it’s easy and “it works.” But everyone else hates it because we abuse it by sending too many emails and make our recipients jump through hoops to opt-out.

Reason #3: Email isn’t smart. Marketers send email. Then salespeople send more emails. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, our product sends emails too – none of this in sync, which creates a terrible buying experience for our customers.

Email isn’t going away – it just needs to be re-built for a world that runs on real-time conversations. The way buyer’s want to buy.

Here’s how we re-imagined sales email to address those three problems.

1) Drift Sequences Connects To Real-Time Messaging On Your Website

When you send an email with Drift Sequences, all hyperlinks to your website automatically prompt a personalized message from the recipient’s sales rep.

If I were a sales rep and I enrolled a prospect named Amy into a Drift Sequence, this message would appear when Amy was browsing my website:

But what happens if you’re not there to respond to a lead when they visit your website?

Don’t worry, our bots have your back. If you’re not around, our bots will jump into the conversation and book a meeting for you with your prospect. So you’ll never miss a conversation.

2) Drift Sequences Prevents You From Sending Unwanted Emails

Ever get a reply to an email that says “stop emailing me”

Of course you have!

Marketing and sales people get these all the time. I do.

In fact here’s an example of a real lead in Drift’s contact database that we accidentally emailed four times in one day:

Obviously, we didn’t mean to email her four times, that’s a bad buying experience.

But guess what happened? I didn’t unenroll her from the automated emails she was getting. I forgot. And she got another email from us two weeks later.

When you send emails to thousands of people, regardless of how well you segment your lists, you’re going to annoy some people.

But instead of making the marketer or sales rep do the extra work, it’s the technology that should prevent accidental abuse like this.

That’s why we built machine learning and natural language processing into Drift Sequences. So it will automatically opt people out of an automation flow if they respond to emails with language that indicates they are not interested in hearing from you.

Like Whitney.

So Whitney would have never gotten that second email from me had my emails come from Drift Sequences. She would have been automatically removed from my email list.

3) Drift Sequences Is Smarter Than Traditional Sequence Tools

Question: Why do sales teams send automated sales emails?

To try to uncover buying intent.

What indicates buying intent?

The recipient replying to the automated email.

And the way traditional sequence tools were designed, a sequence will stop sending emails when someone replies.

But here’s the thing. Replying to an email is not the only type of behavior that indicates buying intent.

So with Drift Sequences we took into consideration other intent behaviors like if someone books a demo with you, Drift will automatically stop sending them the Sequence they are enrolled in.

Or if someone starts a conversation on your company’s website, Drift recognized that and stops sending them emails attempting to start conversations via email.

Your sequences should be as smart as you and you’d never send an email asking someone if they want to book a meeting after they’ve already booked one.

How Do You Get Started With Drift Sequences?

Not only is Drift Sequences available today, but you can start using it for free by creating a Drift account on this page – we don’t even ask you for a credit card.

You can try out Sequences and send up to 150 emails per month to start, and after that it’s $25/month.

Making It Easier For People To Buy

At Drift, our mission is to make it easy for businesses to buy from other businesses.

While it all started with live-chat, we realized the value businesses were seeing with Drift was greater than website chat.

It was having real-time conversations with their best leads when their best leads were ready to talk to them. That’s a superior buying experience.

And in 2018 delivering a great buying experience is everything. Think about what Whitney said in her reply to me. She “would never be our customer” cause she had a bad experience.

You’ll see in the coming months we’re going to continue to build products that help B2B businesses buy from other business.

So what’s next, exactly?

In March, we will ship part three of our reinvention of email.

Stay tuned.

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