12 Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Be Listening To Right Now


Whether I’m commuting to or from work, there’s always that 30 minute period of time where I’m sort of in “limbo.” Want to know my secret for putting that time to good use? I listen to podcasts.

Here’s why. If you want to learn something or get better at something – there’s a podcast out there that can help you do that. It’s an amazing time to be a podcast listener, but with so many choices, it’s hard to know which ones you should invest your time in (shameless plug to check out the HYPERGROWTH Network).

And for my friends in sales who are looking to up their game, I’ve got a special list for you. I went around and gathered some of the top sales podcasts you need to subscribe to ASAP. Who’s with me?

#1 – Conversations with Women in Sales

Host: Barb Giamanco

Listen on: Apple, Stitcher

Finding good quality created with women in sales in mind is like searching for a needle in a haystack.  Barb Giamanco is trying to change that. In her podcast, she interviews sales experts from TOPO, LinkedIn, SalesLoft, and more on practical ways to advance your sales career. So if you’re looking for the next tip on overcoming adversity, account-based selling, or strategic partnerships, this is the podcast for you.

#2 – Sales Hacker

Host: Sam Jacobs

Listen on: Apple, Stitcher

If you want quick episodes that always offer takeaways you can immediately action, then look no further than this podcast. With short Friday Fundamentals and awesome guests, you know that Sales Hacker is offering valuable content that will take you to the next level.

#3 – Your SalesMBA

Hosts: CeCe Aparo & Jeff Hoffman

Listen on: Website, Apple, Google Play, Spotify, Stitcher

Aparo and Hoffman have worked with some of the top companies in helping them nail down their sales and go-to-market strategies. If you’ve ever had a sales question you felt a little embarrassed or scared to ask another sales professional…don’t sweat it. Aparo and Hoffman let you email in all your questions and they cover everything from getting ahead of churn to finding your champion.

#4 – Sell or Die

Hosts: Jennifer Gluckow and Jeffrey Gitomer

Listen on: Website, Apple, Stitcher

Gitomer and Gluckow cover everything from sales leadership and management to more tactical content around cold calling, how to build a social following, networking, and a ton of other sales topics. They also take the time to highlight sales pros in their regular feature, Sales Manager Spotlight.

#5 – Sales Secrets

Host: Gabe Larsen, VP of Sales at InsideSales

Listen on: Website, Apple, Google Play, Stitcher

Gabe Larsen is a VP of Sales focused on giving sales reps the ability to crush their quota with the help of data and analytics. He talks about sales tools, interviews sales leaders and analysts from McKinsey, and provides advice on how to 10x your sales process.

#6 – Predictable Prospecting

Host: Marylou Tyler

Listen on: Website, Apple, Stitcher

With over 30 years of lead generation and sales process experience, Marylou Tyler interviews some of the industry’s top sales leaders to show how to create consistent and measurable procedures. She covers marketing and sales relationships, the importance of social selling, and how to create delightful customer experiences.

#7 – Sales Pipeline Radio

Host: Matt Heinz

Listen on: Website, Apple

Heinz’ Sales Pipeline Radio covers everything from B2B sales and marketing to advice on demand generation, lead management, lead velocity, conversion, sales effectiveness and a ton more. And that makes sense – he’s got more than fifteen years of experience in the sales industry and regularly features notable sales leaders as guests that shed light on his broad base of topics.

#8 – In the Arena

Host: Anthony Iannarino

Listen on: Website, Apple, Stitcher

Anthony Iannarino is a B2B sales coach, strategist, and author of The Lost Art of Closing. With insights and education on everything from cold calling and closing to productivity and sales process optimization, Iannarino’s podcast delivers both tactical advice as well as broad insight on the sales industry and profession overall.

#9 – Sales Gravy

Host: Jeb Blount

Listen on: Website, Apple, Google Play

Sales Gravy is hosted by Jeb Blount, a sales leader and author of a host of books on negotiation and how to connect effectively with prospects during the sales process. In the podcast, Blount talks to sales industry leaders in detail about objection handling, driving productivity, and related topics.

#10 – The B2B Revenue Leadership Show

Host: Brian Burns

Listen on: Apple, Stitcher

As the name implies, this podcast hosted by Brian Burns is all about the practical sales components of driving revenue in the world of B2B sales. But the topics are anything but predictable – Burns covers everything from motivation techniques and selling big ideas into the enterprise to case study-style deep-dives of industry titans like Amazon.

#11 – Sales Influence

Host: Victor Antonio

Listen on: Apple, Stitcher

With more consumer choice than ever before, Victor Antonio’s Sales Influence podcast is all about the “finding the why” in people’s purchasing decisions. He focuses on both practical and meaty topics like recovering from failure, objection handling in sales conversations, as well as goal-setting and quantifying the sales process.

#12 – Sales Success Stories

Host: Scott Ingram

Listen on: Website, Apple, Stitcher

How do you get to the top of sales, and stay there? Who better to learn from than the top 1% of salespeople at major companies? If you have any type of interest in revenue growth there’s something for you to learn in these conversations. It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual contributor or a sales manager or leader, these tips are top-notch.

There you have it! The top 12 sales podcasts you should be tuning in to 🎧

Did we miss any of your favorites? Shoot us a tweet @Drift and let me know.

Editor’s Note: This article was originally published on July 2, 2018 and was updated on August 1, 2019.


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