14 Sales Podcasts Every Rep Should Be Listening To Right Now

Podcasts have the power to provide bite-sized chunks of insight in a short period of time. In 15, 20, or 30 minutes in the car, on the train, or in your Uber, you can turn your commute into an opportunity to learn about sales and marketing from some of the best and brightest in the space.

With hundreds of podcasts out there, it’s tough to craft a short list of the ones worth your time. But, not to worry — we’ve got your back. Rather than spending your time searching, we’ve whittled down the list of the best sales podcasts out there right now.

Make the Most of Sales Insight From Industry Leaders


Make It Happen Mondays
Host: John Barrows
Available: iTunes, Google Play, Soundcloud

John Barrows counts Salesforce, Okta, LinkedIn, and Google as some of his current and former clients. But when he’s not training the teams of some of the most recognizable companies in the world, he’s delivering clear-cut lessons about how to thrive in the world of sales. His podcast, Make It Happen Mondays, is recorded on Facebook Live each week.


Young Hustlers
Hosts: Grant Cardone and Jarrod Glandt
Listen on: Young Hustlers

Doesn’t matter how old you are — as the website proclaims, Grant Cardone knows you’re a young hustler. That’s why he covers foundational topics like the most expensive sales mistakes, why you’re not closing more sales deals, and a ton of other topics related sales excellence.


Sell or Die
Hosts: Jeffrey Gitomer and Jennifer Gluckow
Listen on: Website, iTunes, Stitcher

Gitomer and Gluckow cover everything from sales leadership and management to more tactical content around cold calling, how to build a social following, networking, and a ton of other sales topics. They also take the time to highlight sales pros in their regular feature, Sales Manager Spotlight.


The Ultimate Sales Hustle Podcast
Host: Steli Efti
Listen on: iTunes, Soundcloud

Steli Efti is an entrepreneur who started Close.io, a sales CRM tool he launched while running Elastic Sales, a sales-as-a-service business. Over the years — and hundreds of relationships with clients — Efti has learned a thing or two about the art of the sale, and he shares it on his podcast.


Host: Andy Paul
Listen on: Website

From “The Science of Lead Gen” to how to “Convert Your Users’ Contacts into Leads; The Three ‘Rs’ of Selling”, Any Paul’s Accelerate! podcast is rich with helpful, actionable advice for sales reps and even marketers. A sales trainer and professional for several decades, Paul says he almost didn’t make it out of the early days of his own sales education because he was deemed too “introverted and analytical.” Now, the Stanford graduate and sales leader has a huge following, and some of the most helpful podcast content out there.


The B2B Growth Show
Host: James Carbary
Listen on: iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, Stitcher

Sales professionals have more in common with their counterparts in marketing than they realize. That’s why The B2B Growth Show with James Carbary is a must-listen podcast for anyone in sales. The show covers everything from B2B marketing strategy and account-based marketing (ABM) to advice on better aligning marketing with sales.


Sales Secrets Podcast (The Playmaker)
Host: Gabe Larsen, VP of Sales at InsideSales
Listen on: Website, iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play

Gabe Larsen is a VP of Sales focused on giving sales reps the ability to crush their quota with the help of data and analytics. He talks about sales tools, interviews sales leaders and analysts from McKinsey, and provides advice on how to 10x your sales process.


Sales Pipeline Radio
Host: Matt Heinz
Listen on: Website, iTunes

Heinz’ Sales Pipeline Radio covers everything from B2B sales and marketing to advice on demand generation, lead management, lead velocity, conversion, sales effectiveness and a ton more. And that makes sense — he’s got more than fifteen years of experience in the sales industry and regularly features notable sales leaders as guests that shed light on his broad base of topics.


The Sales Arena
Host: Anthony Iannarino
Listen on: Website

Anthony Iannarino is a B2B sales coach, strategist, and author of The Lost Art of Closing. With insights and education on everything from cold calling and closing to productivity and sales process optimization, Iannarino’s podcast delivers both tactical advice as well as broad insight on the sales industry and profession overall.


The Sales Whisperer
Host: Wes Schaeffer
Listen on: Website, iTunes

Schaeffer covers a broad range of topics that have cross-over appeal to both sales and marketing audiences: email marketing, how to leverage paid traffic, the modern buying process, sales enablement, growth, and more. But what’s notable about the show is Schaeffer’s commitment to providing a straightforward approach to growing your career in sales.


Sales Gravy
Host: Jeb Blount
Listen on: Website, iTunes, Google Play

Sales Gravy is hosted by Jeb Blount, a sales leader and author of a host of books on negotiation and how to connect effectively with prospects during the sales process. In The Sales Gravy podcast, Blount talks to sales industry leaders in detail about objection handling, driving productivity, and related topics.


The B2B Revenue Leadership Show
Host: Brian Burns
Listen on: iTunes

As the name implies, this podcast hosted by Brian G. Burns is all about the practical sales components of driving revenue in the world of B2B sales. But the topics are anything but predictable — Burns covers everything from motivation techniques and selling big ideas into the enterprise to case study-style deep-dives of industry titans like Amazon.


Sales Influence
Host: Victor Antonio
Listen on: iTunes

With more consumer choice than ever before, Victor Antonio’s Sales Influence podcast is all about the “finding the why” in people’s purchasing decisions. He focuses on both practical and meaty topics like recovering from failure, objection handling in sales conversations, as well as goal-setting and quantifying the sales process.


Seeking Wisdom
Host: David Cancel, Dave Gerhardt, and more
Listen on: Website, iTunes, Soundcloud

Full disclosure here, in case you don’t know already: Seeking Wisdom is Drift’s podcast covering everything from sales, marketing, growth, and now, product. Hear from industry insiders on just about everything that impacts the sales process, from the books you should be reading to the growth tactics you should be applying to your business.

Listen To A New Podcast Every Day For The Next Two Weeks

“I constantly see people rise in life who are not the smartest, sometimes not even the most diligent, but they are learning machines. They go to bed every night a little wiser than they were when they got up and boy does that help, particularly when you have a long run ahead of you.” – Charlie Munger

^ That’s a quote from one of David Cancel’s favorites, Charlie Munger, and it does a great job of explaining both the power of learning, as well as its accessibility to just about everyone. It’s not always the smartest person in the room who’s going to succeed, but the one who makes learning a priority.

With these 14 sales podcasts, you’ve got the opportunity to learn something new each day for the next two weeks — and then some. Let’s go.

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