How Rosenblum Law Firm Captured More Emails & Higher Quality Leads With Drift

Rosenblum Law Firm was looking for a way to be available to potential clients outside of business hours. That’s when Marketing Director Elie Orgel found Drift. But, Elie and his team soon discovered that Drift wasn’t only a great solution for providing coverage outside of office hours – but that their bots were converting 10% better than forms and the leads captured through Drift had a higher likelihood of turning into clients.

The Drift Setup – Stage 1

Initially, Elie and his team were conservative in their implementation of Drift. They picked a few webpages on their secondary websites to experiment with. They were concerned that implementing a chatbot would restrict how many conversations their team was able to have during business hours.

As part of their Drift setup (and to allow for easy tracking), they also connected their CRM to allow data to flow back-and-forth: capturing new information for leads and being able to see how these leads performed.

Initially, they set up a simple bot that asks a handful of qualifying questions. This playbook was only set to be live after hours to capture prospective clients that visited their website when the team wasn’t around.

PRO TIP: Connecting your CRM to Drift not only lets you capture lead data, but it also lets you track how effective Drift is at driving conversations and influencing new business.

The Drift Setup – Stage 2

After running A/B tests across their paid-ad landing pages, they found out that Drift bots were leading to better conversion rates than forms and rolled them out across multiple pages and kept them active during all hours of the day. Additionally, Drift offered Rosenblum Law a way to schedule meetings and get buy-in from potential clients.

In Elie’s words, “having a platform that automatically adds a calendar invite to your potential clients’ calendar, is a lot more impactful than a simple contact form where you have no way of knowing when you’re going to be able to get back in touch with them.”

PRO TIP: Connecting your team’s calendars to Drift lets potential customers easily book in time with the right person.

The Drift Setup – Stage 3

Setting up the bots wasn’t the end of the Drift installation at Rosenblum Law. They tested out different strategies to see what worked and what did not. At one point, Rosenblum was requesting visitors uploading copies of their tickets or violations. After analyzing the bot flow, Elie discovered this particular question was responsible for incredibly high drop-off. This, in turn, was causing the law firm to miss out on booked meetings.

By moving the request for uploads further down the flow and asking for meetings first, they were able to reduce their dropoff rates and have more people book in time.

PRO TIP: Analyze the bot flow for each of your playbooks to see where visitors are dropping off and improve conversion rates by making 1 or 2 changes at a time.

The Numbers

Here is how Rosenblum Law’s metrics stack up when comparing Drift vs. non-Drift interactions:

  • 10% better conversion on Drift vs. traditional “contact us” forms
  • 15% better meeting-to-paying customer conversion rate for someone coming through Drift vs. an inbound phone call
  • ~230 emails captured in the past 30 days (a 47% conversion rate from all conversations started during that time)

What’s Next

The next step for Elie and the team at Rosenblum Law is to try out live chat and answer questions in real-time. Unlike a lot of Drift small business customers, they started with bots first. They also plan on testing out conversational landing pages, where the bots can interact with visitors as they review a piece of content.

In Short

  • Follow the numbers. Look at conversion rates, meetings booked, leads generated and other relevant metrics to see whether or not your bots are working for you.
  • Don’t set and forget. Review bot flows often to see what questions cause the highest drop-offs and find ways to improve completion rates.
  • Test it out. Try Drift on different pages and feel free to A/B test to see what results you can drive.

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