3 Relationship Marketing Examples That Inspire Us

relationship marketing quote

Relationship marketing is all about smile-inducing experiences. Whether you’re creating meaningful support moments, content that generates referrals, or relationship rejuvenating unsubscribe messages, these are all touchpoints to keep people invested in your product or service. These 3 companies made us feel like superstars and we hope you can learn from their work, too.

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The unsubscribe button is a breakup trigger for many customer-company interactions. It’s the moment you express that you do not want to hear from an organization anymore. Maybe they invite themselves over (i.e. bought your email address), are too clinging (sending updates daily), or simply are not interesting anymore. If companies ask why we’re initiating a breakup, we’re usually given some pretty boring options to select why.

Bonobos made us remember the good times and reevaluate the relationship.

Bonobus relationship marketing example

Which option would you click?

Bonobos is also able to collect some great feedback from the responses. Depending on what people select, they can tailor their email frequency to meet audience demand and strengthen customer relationships.


Spigen relationship marketing exampleWhen our team member Matt inquired if his cracked phone case would be covered under warranty, Spigen agreed to send him a replacement part. Much to his surprise, they sent a whole new case! Included in the package was an apology note with all the information needed to follow up with the company if necessary.

Not only did Spigen provide Matt with a solution, they gave him the opportunity to provide feedback, reach out for more help, and buy additional products through one note card.

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The Hustle

Drift Recruiter Keith had so much fun signing up for the Hustle, he shared it with the whole office. If you linger on their website before entering an email, their very self-aware pop up should convince you to opt in.

Hustle relationship marketing example

Their genuine personality peaked my interest. I wanted more, so I subscribed.

Hustle confirmation relationship marketing example

The confirmation email was no less hilarious.  They even promised to send a video of their operations guy doing a push-up if I shared the newsletter on Twitter…so I did, and they lived up to their claims:

Well played, Hustle, well played. The content is designed for sharing: my coworker shared it with the office and now I’m tweeting and writing about it. Isn’t that the dream many of us marketers have for our work?

Making the Most of the Moment

How have some of your favorite companies peaked your interest over the years? We want to hear from you so we can spread the learnings.

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