Connect With Your Customers Faster. Record Videos Right From LinkedIn With Drift Video.

For salespeople, social selling is often the key to success. And the more channels you’re on the better. But there’s one that stands up the rest – LinkedIn.

Sure, there’s email. But that’s noisy.

More often than not, you’re one of a hundred pitches your buyer got that day and emails are more likely to be deleted than read. What if you’re trying to get a deal in before the end of the month? What if your buyer went dark?

But LinkedIn. It’s personal, fast, and built for real-time communication. It’s built for NOW.

Just like video.

So what if I told you that by combining the two, you’d get more responses from your buyers.

Well with Drift Video, now you can. Record personalized videos right from LinkedIn.

Like this ?

Need some ideas for how to get started? Here are a few ways to use Drift Video and LinkedIn to engage your buyers faster. 

Send Personalized Videos Instead Of Blind Pitches

We all get them. The super generic InMail from a salesperson that was definitely a copy and paste (outside of changing the name in the message…maybe ?).

If someone has accepted your connection request, they’ve given you their trust. They’ve opted-in to hear from you. Blind pitches abuse that trust and drastically lower your chance of ever getting a response.

Let’s say you just connected with a new prospect on LinkedIn. Rather than sending the same old generic message, record them a personalized video saying something like:

“Hi [insert name], I’m sending you this video because I saw that your career in [insert function] is on a rocketship ?. Looks like you’re in charge of [insert relevant topic]. Have you considered new ways to get more results in less time? Check out this case study showing how one of our customers [insert topic and results achieved] and let me know what you think .”

Here’s an example ?

Make sure to give them a couple of days to watch your video. And on the off chance that they don’t watch it, send a follow-up message like:

“Hey [insert name], I know you’re probably super busy but I was wondering if you had 30 seconds to watch the video I made especially for you!?”

Sending a thoughtful, personalized video that is all about THEM is the best way to show you value your prospect’s trust and time.

Add More Contacts To An Account

The more contacts you’re engaged with on an account, the more likely they are to stick around.

Say it with me ?️ LIFETIME VALUE.

It’s important to stay top of mind with your customers and build strong relationships at every level of the organization.

Let’s say one of your accounts just hired a new VP of Marketing and you want to get them involved. Send them a LinkedIn request with a video saying something like:

“Hi [insert name], congratulations on the new opportunity. Your background in Marketing at [insert past roles] is really impressive so I know [insert new company] is lucky to have you. I just wanted to take a second to introduce myself as your account manager for [insert your company] and be a resource in case you have any questions about our partnership. You can also reach me at [insert email]. Have a great day!”

Here’s an example ?

Being proactive and introducing yourself to new contacts not only lets you expand the account, but also helps you build a strong relationship early on.

Get Faster Responses From Your Customers

Sometimes you don’t get responses because you’re not communicating on the channels your buyer uses most.

Remember, email is noisy. People get hundreds of emails per day and there’s a great chance they’ll never open, let alone read, yours.

You could also just be getting ghosted ?

But there’s good news, this is one of the easiest things to change. You need to meet the buyer where they are.

Let’s say you have a contract out that you’re trying to get signed but your prospect has gone dark. Go to their LinkedIn and send them a video to re-engage the account. You can say something like:

“Hi [insert name], I sent over the contract – it’s in your inbox. Just sending you this note to see if you’ve had a chance to take a look at it. Let me know, I can send it over again if that’s easier for you too.”

Here’s an example ?

And another…

The best part about using Drift Video and LinkedIn for this is that you’ll 1) get notified when they watch your video and 2) can see if the prospect is online and/or has looked at your message. Either one of these options gives you the opportunity to follow up since you know they got your message.

So what are you waiting for? Record videos from LinkedIn today with Drift Video.