How To Design, Hire & Inspire High-Performance Marketing Teams

Marketing has undergone a lot of changes in my two-decade career.

Today’s marketing departments are now home to creatives, data analysts, system specialists, writers, and so much more. That’s a lot to manage. Let alone, align.

Companies like Dell have seen this shift and created an environment to suit their dynamic marketing team:

“We have a big cross-functional team of analytic folks, as well as content and asset creators, huddled up in team rooms every day looking at the performance of the content that we put in the market for the future-ready campaign. They’re trying to use agile approaches to make real-time changes.”

 Karen Quintos, CCO (Former CMO), Dell, The CMO Solution Guide

But many leaders still struggle with how to build and manage teams that meet the demands of modern marketing. In a report from The Economist and Digital Marketing Institute, 70% of marketing leaders said securing the right talent was one of the greatest challenges facing their departments.

For companies undergoing rapid growth and expansion, there’s also added pressure to fill positions quickly – without careful consideration of how these new roles serve the larger marketing strategy.

This not only leads to high and expensive turnover, but can stunt a company’s growth.

Team-building and training is an important part of the work I do as Drift’s CMO, as it was for me during my time at Checkr and Salesforce. On top of this, we’re undergoing a lot of change here at Drift because of our rapid growth (better known as hypergrowth).

I love a challenge ?

But that’s just what it is: a challenge.

That’s why I’m so excited to announce the newest book in the Drift Library: Winning As A Marketing Leader: A Toolkit To Help Design, Hire & Inspire High-Performance Marketing Teams.

To help other marketing executives at hypergrowth or rapidly growing companies, the Drift Marketing team partnered with The Predictive Index® and Erica Seidel of The Connective Good, to create a guide for high-performing marketing teams in hypergrowth environments.

What I love about this book is that each chapter builds on itself. Whether you’re a CMO, VP or Director, this book will help any hiring manager:

  • Clearly align their marketing strategy with company goals
  • Create a guide for how your team and diverse talent can support the marketing strategy
  • Understand how to approach diversity and inclusion in the hiring process
  • Design marketing roles with precision
  • Develop an employee experience that inspires teams, improves retention and attracts top talent
  • And a BONUS: The book also comes with templates so marketing leaders can actually create a blueprint of their hiring strategy and role designs as they read along.

In other words, there’s a ton of value here to elevate your team and marketing strategy. What’s not to like?

So what are you waiting for? Access the book here or by clicking the image below.