Introducing Drift x GPT to Improve Sales & Marketing Productivity

By Aurelia Solomon

ChatGPT has taken the world by storm.

Across the globe, businesses, schools, and governments are leveraging the benefits of large language models (LLM) like ChatGPT while grappling with how they will fundamentally redefine entire sectors of our economy — education, research and development, publishing, and more.

At Drift, we’re no different. As a leader and innovator in Conversational AI, we are already augmenting our existing AI capabilities — and Drift’s overall platform — with generative pretrained transformer (GPT) capabilities to create more value for our customers. GPT is a type of large language model that uses deep learning to understand inputs (i.e. questions or commands) and generate human-like text outputs (i.e. replies and answers).

So…what’s up first?

Introducing AI Suggested Replies in Live Chat

Have you ever typed a reply in Slack, email, text, LinkedIn, or chat, reviewed it, re-read it, and ultimately decided to start over from scratch? I know I’m guilty of it ✋🏼

And how much time have you spent searching your shared drive, inbox, or help docs just to make sure you were sharing the right information? If it was more than 30 seconds, it was too long.

But what if, instead of searching, typing, and retyping an answer in chat, a suggested reply with the perfect word, phrase, and tone of voice popped up immediately. A reply that is personalized based on your business and the question.

Imagine if all you had to do now was click send 💸

Well now, you can. With Drift’s AI suggested replies in live chat, sales reps can immediately answer complex customer questions without ever having to leave the live chat conversation to find the information they need.

The AI suggests a reply for the sales rep to use based on a customer’s website content and marketing materials and the context of that specific conversation. Reps can customize the suggested reply before sending or dismiss it and generate a new suggested reply if the first one didn’t meet their needs.

Drift x GPT

With suggested replies in live chat, you can provide real-time on-the-job training for new sales reps, teaching them how to respond accurately and in the right brand voice. Otherwise, it takes reps three months on average to fully ramp up as they spend hours onboarding and researching to learn about your company and product offerings.

That means your reps get to full productivity faster. That translates into more quality conversations, meetings, and pipeline in less time — and at a lower cost.

“I’ve always admired Drift’s customer-centric approach to building practical AI tools, and suggested replies is a great addition that will immediately increase productivity for users.”

– Paul Roetzer, Founder & CEO, Marketing AI Institute

But How Does AI Suggested Replies Work — Really?

It’s fast, but it’s not magic 🧙

AI suggested replies is automation but with human-in-the-loop, meaning humans review the AI’s responses and teach it the mistakes it made so that the model can learn and improve. Having humans in the process gives us control over the AI to eliminate hallucinations and verify that replies are always accurate.

Drift ingests your indexed website data, any sales and marketing materials you want, and combines this with the context of the conversation plus GPT to automatically suggest a reply. This trio of data ensures the suggested reply is accurate and relevant to the situation.

We’re Just Getting Started

We are proud to help today’s Drift customers accelerate pipeline creation, improve productivity per rep, and realize value quickly 👇🏼

  • 12 meetings booked per Drift seat added
  • 25% improvement in sales rep efficiency
  • 17.5% increase in expansion revenue

But we’re not stopping here. We want our customers’ results to grow as AI suggested replies and other GPT capabilities become mainstream to Drift Conversation Cloud.

We have years of experience and real-life use cases that are already being applied to how we manage and bring GPT capabilities to our customers. And we’re excited to continue embedding GPT into our products for marketers and sellers to automate more of their workflows to save time and help them create quality pipeline, faster. 

The road ahead is exciting. We hope you’ll join us for the ride 🚘

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*GPT integration is exclusively available to Drift customers in Beta. Shortly thereafter, the integration will become more widely available to Drift’s customers and new features will be added.