Free Book Download: Learn How to Become a Customer-Driven Company with HYPERGROWTH


For the past 20 years, I’ve been building and scaling SaaS companies.

And while the specific problems and products my teams and I focused on have varied from company to company, the underlying motivation has always been the same:

to strengthen the connection between businesses and their customers.

Today, there’s no excuse for not communicating with your customers on a regular basis. If you’re not having those interactions, and you’re not regularly gathering customer feedback and taking steps to improve, there’s no way your business will be able to grow.

Sales teams also need to adapt. In a world where buyers have all the power, sales teams need to start communicating the way buyers want to communicate. (And with billions of people around the world now using messaging apps as their default form of communication, that’s a channel I see more and more sales leaders pursuing.)

In the end, it all comes down to putting your customers and prospective customers first: ahead of what you want or what the executives at your company want.

You need to be customer-driven. That’s how you achieve HYPERGROWTH.

In my new book, I tell the story of how I stumbled upon the customer-driven model during my time at Performable, scaled it at HubSpot, and then used the same principles to launch Drift.

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