The Change You’ve Been Waiting For In Marketing & Sales (How Drift Works)

The world has changed.

You and I both feel it in our personal lives every day (my life runs on my phone with iMessage, Slack, and Instagram).

But businesses have fallen behind. Big time.

They have yet to adapt to the world that we live in today — and still rely on forms, gated content and follow-ups to connect with potential customers.

I have yet to talk to a person who enjoys getting cold emails, cold calls, or being forced to fill out a form and then wait to hear back from a business. And yet those are the tools that we rely on for marketing and sales.

But imagine if you had a virtual assistant working for you on your website 24/7, 365, that could:

  • Capture and qualify leads based on the rules that matter to you
  • Send the best leads right to your sales team
  • Handle scheduling meetings for you
  • Make it easy for your customers to buy

Well that’s exactly what you can do with Drift. Drift connects your business with the best leads in real-time, like a virtual assistant for your website.

We’ve been stuck on the old way of doing things because there hasn’t been a better way — until now.

Here’s how Drift works:

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