Available NOW: The Conversational Sales Certification


It’s hard to believe that only two months ago we launched the Conversational Marketing Certification. Let’s just say a ton of people now have bragging rights that they’re Conversational Marketing Certified.

Here are some of my favorites ?



I know you’re all ready to test yourself once again. Which is why I’m here to say: The wait is over.

As of this very second, we’re launching the Conversational Sales Certification ?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Conversational sales isn’t about you. It’s about helping your buyers. It’s a new way of thinking because it’s focused on the buyer’s goals first and your business’s goals second.

And you know what that means? Conversational sales is the fastest way to build trust and credibility with buyers to turn them into customers. It accelerates your sales process by connecting you with buyers at the right time.

We built this certification with sales reps, for sales reps. And no matter what stage of your career – there’s something for every sales rep to learn here. At a high level, the Conversational Sales Certification will teach you:

  • How to create more sales opportunities, know who to focus on, and understand what matters to buyers
  • How to have buyer-centric conversations that create better buying experiences
  • How to leverage various channels such as chat, email, video, and LinkedIn to keep potential buyers engaged

Are you as pumped as I am yet?! I won’t blame you if you head over to Insider right now to start the certification ?

But maybe you’ve got a few more questions before getting started. Guess what? I just so happen to have answers for you. Keep reading for more scoop on the certification.

Once you start the certification, you’ll see there are classes, study checkpoints, and one final Conversational Sales Assessment. I’ll break it down for you:

  • The Study Checkpoints: In each class, there’s a short Study Checkpoint that contains questions that will help you test your knowledge before the final assessment. These checkpoints are not required but are highly recommended ?
  • The Conversational Sales Assessment: This is the true test of your conversational sales knowledge and passing will be your ticket to getting your Conversational Sales Certification. There are 40 questions to this exam and you must answer 30 questions correctly to pass.

Oh, and did I mention the certification is 100% FREE?!

 If you’re ready to get Conversational Sales Certified, make your way over to Drift Insider and put your knowledge to the test.

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