What Does An Effective Enterprise Sales Meeting Look Like? We Talked To 7 Sales Leaders To Find Out.

Drift Sales Meeting book

Modern sales meetings present unique challenges – whether it’s a team meeting or a sales call with a new prospect. And while you can’t always predict what will happen in a meeting, there’s plenty you can do to be prepared.

The very best sales leaders know from experience what it takes to run great meetings, from how to find prospects and book calls, to what to do when you’ve got them on the line.

? And that’s the focus of our new book: The Anatomy Of An Effective Enterprise Sales Meeting.

We spoke to sales leaders from companies like G2, Gong, Outreach, and more about what goes into a great sales meeting. We dive into everything you need to do before the meeting even takes place from prospecting to research and outreach. Then, we run through the nuts and bolts of what a truly great sales meeting looks like. And, finally, we show you how to follow up to get the deal done.

Ready to level up your sales meetings? Learn what makes for an effective enterprise sales meeting here.

The Anatomy Of An Effective Enterprise Sales Meeting