Your Pricing Page Is A Dead End For Your Best Leads – Here’s How To Fix It

Your pricing page is arguably the most important page on your website.

You spent days – maybe even weeks – perfecting the design of your pricing page. Whatever your conversion rate is, you feel it could be better. You have a ton of information on there, but you wonder if it’s too much content. You’re not alone. Every marketing team worries about these things.

Here’s the problem with most pricing pages: they’re a dead end.

Your best leads are definitely on your pricing page. But they get lost in the sea of information or confused with your business model. Here’s three ways to identify and convert your best leads on your pricing page.

1) Start conversations with visitors that have returned to the pricing page several times

One way to find your best leads is to look at website behavior such as how many pages someone has visited, how long they’ve spent on the pricing page, or where they came from before they got to your pricing page. For example, at my last company, Onshape, we found that someone visiting the pricing page three or more times was 5X more likely to buy than the typical visitor.

How would you pass this critical intel to sales today?

Today, you’d probably set up an event in your marketing automation system to update that lead’s CRM record, perhaps add points to a lead scoring module and maybe start a drip campaign to nurture this visitor with high interest. Up until now, that was the best we could do – just a few months ago I was building marketing automation like this at Onshape. The problem is that this process takes too long for the buyer.

Well now, with messaging, you can do this in real time.

Using Drift I’m going to show you how to talk to the people on your website that are screaming for your attention. To do this, we’ll use a Drift Playbook.

Drift’s Playbooks are pre-packaged campaigns designed to help you qualify leads, book meetings for your sales team, and close more business.

One of the pre-packaged campaigns is specifically designed to help you generate more sales conversations on your pricing page.

With this Playbook, you can craft a welcome message that will display to whatever audience you want to target. Here’s an example audience:

With this Playbook, leads that are on my pricing page, for more than forty-five seconds, and have visited more than five pages on my site including my pricing page at least three times, will get this message from me:

With this approach, I’ve identified a very specific audience – that I believe shows high purchasing intent – and offered a conversation.

2) Ask your sales qualification questions to all page visitors

There’s nothing wrong with asking all your visitors sales qualification questions. You do that already with forms for product trials or eBook downloads. But a lead form is a crappy experience for your best leads. A conversation is a better experience.

The problem is, how can you have thousands of conversations a day on your pricing page?

Drift solves this problem too, because it runs automatically 24 x 7 x 365 on your pricing page. All you’ll have to do is take your sales qualification questions and build them into Drift.

This time you’ll use another Drift tool called LeadBot. When using a LeadBot you’ll implement questions like the one below and preload “buttons” that a visitor will click to answer.

When you’re building the bot, it’ll look like this:

Depending on what the visitor answers, you can set up a couple different things to happen.

If the answer indicates they are not a good fit for your product, you can end the conversation or send them somewhere else (e.g., a top-of-funnel blog post). On the other hand, should someone respond positively you can ask another question. Once you’ve identified that he or she is a good fit for your product, you can offer a meeting with your sales team.

With the best leads, you can have LeadBot mark them as a CQL (Conversation Qualified Lead). The LeadBot can book the meeting for your sales reps on its own. Your sales reps just need to connect their calendar to Drift.

3) Proactively target anonymous visitors with an ideal customer profile

Wouldn’t it be great to make a really strong first impression by personalizing your message to your ideal customer?

Every company has an ideal customer profile. Here at Drift we’re a really good fit for B2B SaaS companies that have more than 50 employees. For us to make a great impression on our first time website visitors from B2B SaaS companies, we’d love to personalize a message that tells the visitor they’ve come to the right place.

And we do. Using Drift with Clearbit.

With Drift you can leverage Clearbit’s data to identify anonymous visitors based on their company information and send them targeted messages.

If you were a B2B SaaS company, you might find this message on

Now the visitor knows they are in the right place and we’ve provided them with a fastlane to speak to our sales team.

Does it work? Here’s what former VP of Growth at Segment (the company) – and current VP of Growth at Drift – Guillaume Cabane found:

To pre-qualify leads with ideal customer profiles, you’ll find a wide range of data within Drift’s list tool, Segment. Clearbit provides company attributes like company name, number of employees, industry and many others.

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