Here are 5 Email Templates to Make Your Sales Outreach More Empathetic

Today’s B2B buyers don’t want to be sold to.

They don’t want vendors. They want partners.

They don’t want products. They want solutions to their problems.

In other words, buyers want to know there’s a human on the other end of a sales email – not an ambiguous company or stack of features that’s become sentient enough to compose a few sentences.

It sounds fluffy, but humanizing the role of sales isn’t a new concept.

Seriously: If you google “humanize sales” right now, one of the first results that comes up is a Harvard Business Review article from over 30 years ago.

What’s changed is the world around us and our customers.

COVID-19 has turned the world upside down. It’s required businesses to shift messaging and GTM strategies to be that much more sensitive to the needs of their buyers and customers. And it’s forced almost all businesses (and buyers) to go fully digital.

30 years ago empathy in sales was the gold standard – and it still is, maybe even more so now.

Here’s why: Empathy is a powerful sales skill. With it, sales can tell compelling stories, better understand their buyers, and identify more opportunities for growth.

To help you bring greater empathy to your digital sales outreach, we’re sharing 5 high-converting sales email templates to help you humanize your cadences. Some are based on emails from the Drift sales team, others are inspired by brands we love.

Here’s a look at the email plays you’ll get ?

  1. The Customer Story Play ✍️
  2. The Video Play ⏯
  3. The Key Contact Play ?
  4. The 5 Ideas Play ?
  5. The Non-Sales Play ❤️

Interested in starting more meaningful conversations that convert? Download the templates right from this blog post here or by clicking the image below.