Power Real-time Conversations at Every Stage with Drift & Adobe: Introducing the First-ever Conversational Account-Based Marketing Solution for B2B Marketers

Drift Marketo Conversational ABM

It’s no secret. Whoever makes it easier to buy wins. And buyers today have more information and options than ever before. Which means they also have all the power. So how do you win over customers in a saturated, attention-starved world?

Personalize the buyer journey as much as possible.

To do that, we’ve all come to rely on some form of account-based marketing. But it’s been missing one crucial element – until now. We’re teaming up with Adobe to bring you Conversational ABM™ for Marketo Engage, which enables marketers to personalize every single website visit, all in real-time, all at the right time.

By connecting Marketo lists with Drift Playbooks, marketers can now create personalized conversations at any step of the buyer journey to give buyers that VIP experience they’ve come to expect.

Marketo and Drift customers can now target each and every website visitor with a chatbot, a relevant piece of ABM content, or provide them with a fast lane to your sales team. Conversational ABM brings live chat to Marketo’s account-based experience (ABX) solution and enables Marketo and Drift users to:

  • Schedule meetings with top accounts instantly: When contacts from previously-identified strategic accounts visit your site, they’ll be able to skip any website form and instead instantly book a meeting with the sales rep who owns their account.
  • Connect qualified people tied to key accounts with the right sales representative faster: Conversational ABM opens a fast lane for marketing qualified accounts (MQAs) by directly starting a conversation between them and the sales rep assigned to their account.
  • Create a personalized experience for each customer: Depending on where the customer is in the buyer journey, they’ll see a unique, personalized experience that matches their path-to-purchase status each time they visit your site.
  • Prove conversational marketing impact: Marketers can track all Conversational ABM conversations and attribute them back to revenue seamlessly.

Conversational ABM is available for customers using Marketo and Drift now. You can learn more here or join us for a webinar Friday, March 29 to learn all about our newest offering.