Every Marketing Leader Asks These 3 Questions About Conversational Marketing (Here Are Our Answers)

3 Questions About Conversational Marketing (Here Are Our Answers)

One of the many upsides of doing HYPERGROWTH on the East and West coasts? Meeting marketers from all over the country (and world). And getting their feedback. I kept hearing the same thing over and over again. They love Drift, they want to use Drift, but they don’t know where to get started. So, I’m answering their top three questions:

  1. I want to use Drift, but where do I get started?
  2. Who should I roll Drift out to first?
  3. How do we measure our success with Drift?

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1) I want to use Drift, but where do I get started?

If you’re in B2B SaaS there are a few common places where Drift will work well. First and foremost? Your pricing page! It’s the most high intent page on your site. Think about it like this: Someone is in your store asking how much your product costs. They’re getting ready to buy. Put Drift up there! (Go, do it now. I’ll wait.) Help them get in touch to kick off a conversation.

Next up? Change up your demo request /  request a trial / contact us button. Almost every B2B company has one if not all of these. But once a prospect clicks these buttons they’re kicked over to lengthy forms. No forms, remember? Put Drift there instead! Start conversations NOW.

2) Who on my team should I roll Drift out to first?

People tell me they have hundreds of sales reps, understandably they can’t – and shouldn’t – roll out Drift to all of them all at once. People are resistant to change. Don’t force your team to change their workflows over night.

Instead, start with the scrappiest members of your team! Those 2 or 3 BDRs or AEs who are ready to jump in head first. Give them Drift for a couple weeks and have them be the champions and advocates to get the rest of your team on board.

3) How am I going to measure this thing?

Lastly, people ask, “Will this cannibalize my forms?” And “What is the typical conversion rate of Drift over X?”

You’re thinking about it wrong. It’s not about the top line conversion rate on your website. It’s not about whether chat converts more than a static form. It’s about speed. It’s about NOW.

To figure out if Drift is going to work for your business and drive results, you need to measure speed. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Lead to opportunity
  2. Opportunity to close

Take Drift’s own use of the product. We see a 30% conversion rate from lead to opportunity for leads that come in through Drift (these are conversation qualified leads or CQLs). For all other lead sources it’s 2 to 5 percent. Read that again.

And it’s not just that we’re getting more leads. The quality is so much higher and the speed from lead to opportunity is so much faster!

You can also look further down the funnel at people who are opportunities that later become customers. How long is this taking? This will give you an idea of the quality of the lead to begin with.

Compared to traditional lead sources, CQLs coming through Drift convert 5 to 6 times better than leads coming through traditional sources.

So I say who cares if Drift is cannibalizing your forms. You’re getting more meetings, more leads and closing more deals!

That’s it y’all. Three answers to the most common questions we get about starting with Drift.