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Conversational Advertising

B2B marketers will spend $4.6B dollars on digital advertising in 2018 driving potential customers to a traditional landing page with a lead form so someone from the company can reach out later.

Conversational Advertising is about to close that gap for good. Now you can take buyers right from an ad to a conversation where they can book a meeting, connect with a human, or get the answers they need NOW. And if Drift knows who they are, it will automatically welcome them with a personalized greeting like an old friend.

Traditional advertising was about talking at your customers. With Conversational Advertising, you can finally talk with them.

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Drift Assistant

B2B businesses haven’t been able to eliminate the digital busywork that continuously slows down sales and marketing teams. For salespeople, it’s having to dig through notes, countless browser tabs, and multiple apps to find the right info before meetings or remembering to follow up with next steps after a demo. And for marketers, it’s managing a siege of responses from email campaigns and routing them to the right person.

Drift Assistant handles all the busywork so sales reps and marketers can reclaim their time to provide the personalized buying experience customers expect NOW.

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The Future of B2B is Open

We believe the future of B2B is open which is why we're thrilled to introduce these three new partnerships with Marketo, Demandbase, and Outreach.

“We are incredibly excited to partner with Drift because now B2B marketers can target specific companies with our account-based advertising, and move to a conversation with sales in a single click.”

"Great conversations are the most powerful way to drive conversion. Now sales and marketing teams can share context from every touchpoint in the customer journey to drive stronger results wherever they communicate with their buyers.”

“Consumers are increasingly seeking new ways to engage real-time with brands in the digital landscape, and we are thrilled to forge a strategic alliance with the leader in the emerging category of conversational marketing."

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