Your customers AREN’T who they used to be

Three huge cultural shifts have changed the way everyone buys and buyers expect you to change too.
#1 Buyers have more information than ever
#2 Buyers have more options than ever
#3 Buyers have been trained to expect things now. 24/7/365

Traditional B2B buying is built for later.

This is a typical best in class B2B buyer experience:

The Results

Low Conversion
US Marketers spent
in digital advertising last year even though the average landing page only converts
of visitors.
No Follow-up
of companies do not follow up with people who actually fill out the form.
Lost Buyers
of tech buyers don’t fill out forms when they encounter gated content.
Missed Opportunities
conversion rate if responding to lead within 5 minutes

Remove Friction By Having A Conversation

The Conversational Framework

Engage. Understand. Recommend.
Conversational Framework Created with Sketch.
What page are they on?
  • Homepage
  • Educational
  • High Intent
  • Blog & Content
  • Informational
Who are you engaging?
  • Anonymous

  • Return 

  • Known

  • Target Account

  • Ideal Customer Profile
  • Sales Engaged

  • Customer
Where did they come from?
  • Direct

  • Ad 

  • Nurture

  • Organic

  • Webinar/Event
  • Blog

  • Content

Conversational marketing is the new way to connect with your customers in an authentic human way. And Drift, the world's leading conversational marketing platform, is the way businesses buy from businesses.

Are you ready to start a conversation?

Playbooks You Can Use
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The Second Net is the easiest way to get Drift going and see immediate results without totally revamping your marketing strategy.


The Conversation Starter is a great way to target engaged visitors on high traffic pages


This is the highest intent page on your site, the perfect place for a bot. People on your pricing page are much closer to converting and you need to give these high intent visitors a direct line to your team so they can get the info they need to make a purchase quickly.


Doing account-based marketing? We’ll show you how to book meetings with target accounts 24/7/365; even if your sales team is sleeping, hiking, or even on vacation.

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