35 Marketing Leaders Share Their Breakthrough Ideas for Breathing New Life Into Your Marketing in 2019

Drift Modern Marketer's Playbook

After all of the years I’ve spent working at tech companies, and all of the hours I’ve spent interviewing and talking to industry experts, and all of the books I’ve read, there’s only one thing I know absolutely for sure about marketing:

It’s always changing.

Some 2,500 years after the Greek philosopher Heraclitus first observed that “the only constant is change,” marketers all around the world are now reaching the same conclusion. In the past decade, we’ve seen unprecedented shifts in technology, from the rise of smartphones, to the rise of messaging, to the rise of artificial intelligence.

As a result, the way people prefer to buy has changed.

This change happened so fast, many marketing teams missed it. And while some are finally waking up to the vastly different marketing landscape that’s in front of us, others are still running their marketing like it’s 2009.

The old playbook was about generating as many leads as possible and filtering them through your funnel. It was a numbers game, and many of us ended up treating our leads exactly the same way: like numbers. Instead of focusing on making one-to-one connections with the actual, human people who were buying from us, we treated everyone like contacts in a spreadsheet. But here’s the thing:

That old approach doesn’t work anymore.

A New Playbook for Modern Marketing

When’s the last time you looked at how your marketing team was operating and asked, “Why?”, as in, “Why are we investing in these particular channels? Why are we devoting so much time and energy to this tactic or that tactic?”

If you aren’t stopping to ask yourself this on a regular basis, I’ve got some bad news:

You’ve probably already fallen behind.

If you’re still relying on the three traditional pillars of online marketing — blogging, email, and social — and haven’t expanded your horizons beyond those three, it’s definitely time for you to reevaluate things. Of course, that leads to a new question:

As a modern marketer, what should I be doing? What comes next?

That was the inspiration for our new book, The Modern Marketer’s Playbook, which features insights and advice from more than 35 of the world’s top marketing leaders including:

  • Mike Volpe | CEO, Lola.com
  • Ellie Mirman | CMO, Crayon
  • Steli Efti | CEO, Close.io
  • Heather Zynczak | CMO, Pluralsight
  • Meagen Eisenberg | CMO, MongoDB
  • Tom Wentworth | CMO, RapidMiner, and many more…

We’ve gathered insights from these experts to help us figure out what a modern marketing playbook looks like in 2019 (and beyond) and how marketing teams can execute on it. From building a brand, to developing a cohesive strategy, to growing a team, to optimizing your channels, our new book offers a holistic view of how you can run a modern marketing operation.

And here’s the thing: If there are particular areas you want to learn more about, or a particular expert you want to learn from, you can skip ahead and read the different sections in whatever order you please – just click around on this page (or download it all at once here). Think of it as an encyclopedia of modern marketing knowledge (as opposed to your run-of-the-mill marketing ebook).

Ready to crack the encyclopedia open and start learning so you can up your marketing game?

Drift Modern Marketer Playbook

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