Accelerate Your Sales Cycle

Zoom is a critical tool for the way most businesses operate now, but it’s always been an essential tool for sales teams.

And now, it’s gotten even more powerful. By combining the power of Drift with Zoom in three different integrations, you can accelerate your sales cycles, improve sales productivity, and deliver a great customer experience.

Read on to find out how!

Go From Website Visit To First Meeting Faster Than Ever

Chat is the most effective way to turn website visitors into leads – and now it’s easier than ever to turn those leads into opportunities.

With just one click, you can start a Zoom call right from your Drift chat. We’ll even track it as an activity in Salesforce for you – no manual updating needed.

Not only does that reduce the chance of no-shows, it can dramatically speed up the sales cycle – so you can go from chat to closed won that much faster.

Available to Premium and Enterprise customers. Ready to get started? Here’s how it works.

Turn Zoom Meetings Into The Perfect Follow Up

Sending personalized videos through Drift Video is a great way to engage prospects and accelerate your sales cycle. And with the Drift Video & Zoom integration, you don’t even have to record a new video to reap the benefits.

When you record a Zoom meeting, that recording gets pulled into Drift Video for you to edit and share. You’ll get notified when someone watches the recording, and you can chat with them as they’re watching it – perfect for engaging more stakeholders or keeping a deal moving forward.

Available on all Drift Video plans. You can learn more about Drift Video here. Already a Drift Video user? Here’s how it works.

Automatically Add A Zoom Link To Meetings Booked

Never manually add (or forget to add) a Zoom link again. Easily add your Zoom information to any meeting type, so when someone books a meeting through chat, the right Zoom link is added automatically.

Goodbye tedious manual tasks, hello great customer experience.

Available on Essential, Premium, and Enterprise plans. Ready to go? Get started here.

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