The modern buyer’s expectations have changed. But the approach of marketing and sales remains rooted in the past. The demand gen machine was built for a world that doesn’t exist anymore, a world where businesses think they are in total control of the buying process and customers are just along for the ride.

Now that the buyers are behind the wheel, it’s our job as marketing and sales professionals to pave a path to purchase that provides the buyer with an experience uniquely catered to their wants and needs. We have to create ‘wow’ type of experience.

Join Drift’s Mark Kilens and LeadMD’s CEO Justin Gray as they overhaul the marketing machine and unveil a brand new approach for empowering the buyer while generating demand by creating hyper-personalized buying experiences for your future customers.

Join us to learn:

  • #1 Design a better buying experience by leveraging real-time buyer insight
  • #2 Use conversational marketing & sales strategies to align revenue teams
  • #3 Learn how to build a best in class revenue engine


Drift Mark Kilens

Mark Kilens

VP of Content and Community @ Drift

Justin Gray

CEO @ LeadMD

Win Win:

Demand Gen That Delights Your Buyers and Sales Team Alike