Get Your Tech Talking:

There’s been a lot of change this year. And most of it has been hard.

With WFH, access to relevant, reportable data is even more important than ever. But your techstack keeps growing and your data is more and more siloed, making it increasingly hard to measure performance and report results.

Luckily we’re here to help.

Join Drift’s VP of Marketing, Kate Adams, and Senior Manager of Product Marketing, Aurelia Solomon, as they discuss Drift’s brand new reporting capabilities.

In this webinar learn how:

  • #1 Drift’s new Salesforce App helps you easily measure the impact of Drift on your business
  • #2 Standardized Meetings and Agendas makes tracking and reporting easier, so you can see how individual reps are performing and which meetings have the highest conversion to revenue
  • #3 To use advanced targeting data to understand your performance and what areas (content, channels, tactics etc) you might need to change to be more successful


Kate Adams

VP of Marketing @ Drift

Aurelia Solomon

Senior Manager, Product Marketing @ Drift

Get Your Tech Talking:

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