The people you hire can make or break your company’s success. And since your team is likely your biggest budget item, perfecting your hiring strategy should be your first priority.

For our first SDR Leader Series session, join Sales Development leaders from Drift, Outreach, 6sense and memoryBlue as they share expert advice for hiring, onboarding, and training high-performing SDRs.

The Sessions

  • Session #1 | January 21st @ 2:30pm EST

    How to Hire an SDR Team That Gives You Multi-Million Dollar Results

    In this live panel event, you’ll learn more about:

    1. Recruiting. Defining your ideal candidate profile and finding your next key hire
    2. Interviewing. Building a robust process with the right people and the right questions
    3. Onboarding. Setting up your team for success and enabling them to deliver results

    Best of all, we’ll share tactical tips on how you can do all of this remotely.

    Ernest Owusu
    Sr Director of Sales Development, 6sense
    Sam Nelson
    SDR Leader, Outreach
    Nimit Bhatt
    Business Development and Partnerships Leader, memoryBlue
  • Session #2 | February 25th @ 2:00pm EST

    More Than Meetings – How to Grow SDRs Into Future Sellers

    SDRs are a company’s secret weapon. They book meetings to create pipeline today and are the future sellers driving revenue tomorrow. 

    As an SDR leader, their success is your success. 

    In this exclusive live panel webinar, you’ll learn: 

    • Who is responsible for training your teams
    • How to keep your teams engaged in a remote environment
    • Proven methods to both deliver and reinforce training

    Be sure to save your seat today.

    Kate (Sterne) Gunderson
    Sr. Global Director of Sales Development and Online Sales, Box
    Alena Crumpacker
    Senior Manager of Enterprise Sales Development, CrowdStrike
    Julianne Thompson
    Head of Sales Development, Drift
  • Session #3 | March 25th @ 2:00pm EST

    Here's How to Create Career Paths That Will Excite & Motivate Your SDR Team

    SDRs are just starting off in their careers. They’re excited to learn and are intimately involved in your business. 

    Still, being an SDR is tough. And it can be hard for them to stay motivated and find time to pursue their passions. By investing in SDR career paths and coaching, you can better motivate your team and shape them into your company’s future leaders.

    In this live panel event, you’ll learn:

    • What motivates SDRs and how to use these insights to increase their productivity and success 
    • Ideas for ongoing SDR training, coaching, and career development
    • The correlation between incentives and coaching – so you know how to keep your SDRs engaged
    • How to protect and scale your SDRs’ time using Drift AI chatbots
    John Swartz
    Sr. Manager Corporate Sales Development, Workday
    Mo Moran
    Director Sales Development, Greenhouse
    Brian Vital
    VP Sales Development, ZoomInfo
    Julianne Thompson
    Head of Sales Development, Drift