Re-Thinking Your Funnel: Why We Stopped Measuring Leads

I’m sure you’ve heard all the acronyms: MQLs, SQLs, etc.

But what we’ve all forgotten, is that behind those labels are real people. Real people downloading your ebooks, interacting with your social media, booking demos with your team.

Prospects aren’t acronyms and they certainly aren’t numbers. They’re actual people, trying to solve actual problems in their business. So here at Drift we changed how we define our funnel to treat people like people, not leads.

Join us for this live webinar to learn:

  • #1 Why you need to re-think your marketing funnel
  • #2 How to quickly transform your funnel to focus on people, not leads
  • #3 How this transition will increase engagement and productivity from your sales team


Kate Adams Drift

Kate Adams

VP of Marketing @ Drift
dave gerhardt instructor of 15 conversational marketing tips

Dave Gerhardt

VP of Marketing @ Drift

Re-Thinking Your Funnel: Why We Stopped Measuring Leads

(And Think You Should Too)